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How can I best secure my home this Christmas while I am on holidays?

December 6, 2022

If you are among the many Australians planning on heading away on holidays over summer, it is important to give you home a security health check.

Luckily, maintaining home security is a relatively simple process for security conscious homeowners and tenants.

Make sure all doors have high-quality locks, particularly deadlocks, and windows have keyed locks or security grills. If you are concerned your locks are not sufficient, it is best to seek advice from a qualified locksmith.

A metal or wooden rod in the cavity of sliding doors or windows is a handy tool to stop them from being opened by an intruder. But make sure you don’t give would-be thieves the chance to catch a glimpse inside your home. Ensure all your curtains, shutters or blinds are shut.

It is also a wise idea to install a security alarm and lock your power box to prevent tampering with the security alarm and lights. It is also advisable to ensure side and back gates are locked and holes in fences are mended.

And, let your neighbours know you are heading away on holidays so they can keep a watchful eye on your property and collect any mail from your letterbox. Also, see if they will help by feeding your pets and even move your garbage bins out on bin collection day.

Making your home appear as though it is occupied will deter potential burglars. Consider installing a sensor light that switches on automatically when someone approaches. Set your lights, radio or television on a timer for different times of the day and if you still have a landline phone, turn the ringer down.

If you are leaving your Christmas tree up while you are away, be sure to remove any valuable, unopened gifts from under the tree.

If you still have a newspaper subscription, make sure you pause your daily delivery and lock your garden shed to stop burglars using your tools to break into your home.