How can I prepare my home for a winter sale

By Angus Raine, Executive Chairman
MAY 1, 2018

In years gone by it was almost unthinkable not to list a property in the boom selling seasons of spring and summer. As it turns out, that adage was not based entirely on fact, and conventional industry wisdom has for some time dictated that listing your property for a winter sale, in fact, makes a lot of sense. Indeed, if you are considering selling an apartment, the time of the year should have no bearing whatsoever on your sales plans.

It is indisputable that more vendors still opt to sell their home in the warmer months, which is all the more reason to consider selling in June, July or August. Raine & Horne research has consistently shown there could be up to 15-20% fewer properties on the market during the winter months. However, the demand for quality properties remains robust throughout the year in most markets. That's because the decision to purchase a home typically isn’t based on the temperature outside. Buyers are far more likely to look to buy a new house or apartment because they are relocating for work, moving schools or looking to upsize or downsize due to changing family circumstances.

If you do make the informed decision to avoid the spring rush and list your property for a winter sale, the same rules for presenting your property at its best still apply. Your Raine & Horne agent can help with a list of handy hints to ensure you maximise the potential of your property, and therefore the return on your investment.

Whatever the season natural light is a must-have for most buyers, so do your research and schedule your open house at the time of day your property is at its brightest. Homes with a north facing yard or deciduous trees that shed their leaves will be inundated with natural light in winter and may therefore stand out from the pack. Also, ensure the home is warm and inviting and free of damp on the inside. Take the time to carry out an inspection on the exterior and address any potential issues before the open house.

Choosing when to sell is a personal decision but the lesser competition in the winter market makes selling your property in the cooler months a smart move. If you are considering listing your house or apartment in the foreseeable future, contact your local Raine & Horne today to discuss whether a winter sale is right for you.