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How can I spruce up my kitchen for under $5,000 for a spring sale?

September 5, 2022

With the traditional real estate selling season upon us, your kitchen is one of the rooms that will most likely grab buyer attention this spring.

So, it would help if you have a well-presented kitchen that buyers could easily imagine themselves cooking in and hanging out with friends and family. Moreover, the kitchen needs to look as inviting as possible. 

The simplest way to begin a budget kitchen reno is with a paint makeover. Immediately lighten up a gloomy, tired kitchen by giving the walls, ceiling, doors, and window frames a couple of coats of a bright, neutral, or white paint.

If you’re set on a more significant makeover, it’s worth noting that even a small kitchen renovation can set you back between $10,000 - $20,000[i] - although it’s still possible to get the job done for under $5,000 if you’re prepared to do the installation work yourself.  

Many budget-conscious renovators will consider buying a flat-pack kitchen to save money on labour by doing it themselves. Flat-pack kitchens like those from IKEA, Bunnings and Kaboodle are an alternative to a custom-built kitchen that can cost the big bucks. However, with the cost of building materials rising, you might need to shop around to secure a flat back kitchen for under $5,000. 

Alternatively, consider sprucing up the cupboard doors or drawer faces with a coat of paint or adding fashionable cabinet handles. This small cosmetic makeover is less disruptive than installing a new kitchen – even the flat-pack variety – and far more cost-effective.

Another cost-effective refurbishment is to remove the doors completely from the kitchen cupboards and cabinets or replace them with simple, open shelving for an airy, modern look. You can even paint or line the back of the shelves with colourful paper to add colour and interest.

Sinks, benchtops, and cabinets get the lion’s share of attention from buyers at open homes. With a bit of imagination, there are many other ways to make an impact and save money. While the price of marble benchtops will push you past the $5,000 budget cap, maybe a marble-tiled backsplash is an alternative way to provide your kitchen with an elegant advantage over other listed properties this spring. 

Finally, new appliances such as a stove or oven can help transform a tired-looking kitchen and keep you within the $5000 budget. Retailers such as The Good Guys

Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, and Bing Lee also collect old appliances for free while installing new ones. This service could save you money and a trip to the local tip.

For more cost-effective tips for a kitchen makeover, talk to your local Raine & Horne agent. 

[i] https://hipages.com.au/article/how_much_does_kitchen_renovation_cost#:~:text=As%20a%20guideline%2C%20expect%20to,the%20range%20materials%20and%20appliances