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How can my home’s lighting help win over buyers this winter?

June 13, 2018

Excellent lighting is a fantastic way to welcome potential property buyers to your home this winter. When considering how to enhance a space in your home, lighting can help establish a warm, cozy, convivial feel, especially on a cold Saturday morning, says property styling expert Justine Wilson of Vault Interiors[i]. Justine shares some of her best strategies for staging a home for a successful winter sale.


  • When renovating a space, pendant lighting can be as effective as a statement wall or sculpture.
  • Easy to fit, a pendant light can instantly change a room and catch the eye of a buyer, providing the place with an alternative lighting source.

Keep it natural

  • We all respond well to naturally vibrant spaces, so consider sheer curtains or shutters for living areas as these accessories can exploit natural light.
  • Introduce mirrors into darker spaces to allow natural light to be captured and bounce around the area.
  • When showing your home, be sure to keep any heavy curtains or roller blinds opened so natural light can brighten the room.

 Task Lighting

  • Attention to detail is critical for delivering the appropriate lighting. So, ensure you use the right type of lighting for each space – a lighting specialist or stylist should be able to provide you with advice about task lighting.
  • Getting creative with LED strips to illuminate a space is a contemporary way to brighten an area that isn’t well-lit such as a wardrobe, kitchen cabinetry or a dark hallway.

Create Ambience

  • Lighting plays an essential role in creating the right mood for space whether it’s a living area, hallway or bathroom.
  • Use dimmable lights to control the level of light and create ambient light.
  • Alternatively, use floor and table lamps to create a softer ambiance.

If you have any questions about strategies for creating the right mood and lighting to entice buyers this winter, contact your local Raine & Horne sales agent for advice.

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