I’ve heard about Amplify; how can it help me sell my home this winter?

AUGUST 13, 2018

You’ve heard right – and yes, shrewd vendors can take the sale of a property into their own hands this winter with the help of Amplify, which is exclusive to your Raine & Horne agent.

Already highly-regarded by the real estate media, Amplify is the red-hot digital marketing platform available to vendors today. Developed by European automated social media marketing specialists CCT Marketing, Amplify is delivering an average of 700% more property page views on RH.com.au to our vendors homes than traditional digital marketing systems.

The platform achieves this terrific success rate by utilising social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the Google Ad network to reach and retarget more buyers. Some of our agents have recorded as much as 60% more buyer enquiries to their vendor’s properties since switching to Amplify.

Moreover, Amplify is achieving average click-through rates of 12% and average reading times of 2.16 minutes per online property advertisement. These results compare brilliantly with the average real estate industry click-through rate of 0.98%[i] and closely mirror successful results from overseas.

Amplify is a gamechanger as this intelligent technology is switching the way we market a property listing. Rather than expecting buyers and tenants to find us, with the power of Amplify behind us, we can proactively find genuine buyers and renters for your properties.

We are even reaching Australians who were not even considering purchasing or investing in property thanks to the vast marketing capabilities of Amplify. For a myriad of reasons buyers drop out of the market, but through Amplify’s unique re-targeting capabilities, we can win them over to your property.

Amplify’s success owes to its capacity to create and stream up to 72 different ads for local property listings across multiple online sites, using uploaded images and professionally written advertising copy. The platform then delivers active and passive buyers a variation of the advertisement aligned with the features that will appeal, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, a swimming pool or even a backyard cricket pitch!

Amplify provides a live dashboard that delivers real-time analytics and insights direct to our vendor’s smartphone, tablet or desktop. This timelier access is another gamechanger for vendors that will put you ahead of those owners who choose to list a property with our competitors.

If you are looking to sell your property faster this winter – and who isn’t? – I’d urge you to talk to your local Raine & Horne residential agent today about Amplify.

[i] Source: Spark Media 2017 Social Media Report