Is autumn a great time to sell my property?

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Yes, autumn is a fantastic time to sell a property.

Come autumn and the Christmas frenzy is well and truly behind us. Buyers have had time to make crucial property resolutions, to plan and do their homework on markets of interest. Savvy buyers will know what they want and feel sure about their buying decisions. The more feverish selling periods such as spring can attract more tyre-kickers to open homes, who are less likely to commit to purchasing a property.

In autumn, there are usually fewer properties to compete with on the market than spring, which gives your property a stronger chance of landing a buyer.

Better still, after the heat of summer, autumn tends to bring beautiful clear skies and stable temperatures. Moreover, possible buyers won’t have to battle high temperatures or flee a downpour when checking over your, pool, lawn, outdoor decks and garden beds. Deciduous trees are usually bursting with colour in autumn and the it’s a time of the year when the natural charms of your garden will come to the fore.

Whether autumn is the best season for selling your home, depends on several factors including the type of your property you own, its location and streetscape. If you live near a waterway or the coast, late spring or summer might be a better time to sell.

If you choose to sell your property in autumn, be mindful of the Easter holidays, which this year run from 10 – 13 April. Like Christmas, many people like to be on holidays when the Easter Bunny arrives. Then two weeks later, we have another major milestone holiday, Anzac Day on Saturday 25 April.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to put your house on the market in the last week of February or early March when the weather is very favourable. By listing in early autumn, you'll give prospective buyers the opportunity to purchase your property before they leave for their Easter holidays.

If you’re considering selling a property before Easter, contact your local Raine & Horne agent today.