What are some cost-effective ways to warm my home warm this winter?

JUNE 24, 2021

With COVID-19 once again rearing its nasty head in Australia's southern capitals, there is a distinct possibility we all might need to spend more time at home this winter. 

A report by the government's consumer watchdog, the ACCC, found that residential consumption rose significantly during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns and because of colder weather. For example, Melbourne residential electricity consumption increased by 10 - 30% in April and May 2020, depending on the weather, compared to the same period in 2019[i].

But help is at hand, and this month Raine & Horne shares some simple tips with you to help keep your home warm whether you're living in Sydney or Perth without breaking the energy budget:

  • Use door snakes: They're cheap as chips, and you shove them up against a door to stop the cool air from slithering through and the warm air from sneaking out.
  • Window sealing: Most hardware stores stock cheap seals such as sticky foam runners for windows with draughty cracks. You'll find these are a fantastic way to keep the cold at bay.
  • Rug up: Rolling out a rug or carpet on floorboards or a tiled floor can help retain the heat underfoot in your home, even on a frosty day. Floors account for approximately 10-20%[ii] of heat loss when they aren't insulated, so a plush rug can make a room cosier and help stop any chilly air from slinking in through the gaps in your floorboards. Depending on your needs and tastes, it's possible to pick up 170 cm X 240 cm rugs from the likes of IKEA for under $100. 
  • Don’t overheat your property: According to energy.gov.au, if you use an air conditioner to warm your home, aim to keep the internal temperature set to between 18°C and 20°C. Every degree you increase your heating can add up to 10% on your energy use. Also only use the aircon to warm your house for times you need it. Turn it off overnight and when you are away from home.

For more cost-effective tips for keeping your home warm this winter, contact your local Raine & Horne office. 

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[ii] https://www.yourhome.gov.au/passive-design/insulation