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What do I need to do to prepare my property for an autumn sale?

February 22, 2024

When it comes to property sales, spring usually dominates real estate headlines.

However, autumn offers a compelling alternative for vendors. Although there may be fewer buyers compared to spring, the reduced number of properties on the market between March and May often leads to increased buyer competition, which benefits sellers. Additionally, milder temperatures after the summer heat enhance the appeal for buyers of attending open for inspections.

Despite the advantages, an autumn sale has potential downsides, such as several holidays, such as Easter and Anzac Day, and school vacations, which might impact buyer availability. However, committed buyers will always find a way to attend inspections.

While it may seem apparent, take notice of the influence of daylight savings time adjustments on inspection schedules in autumn. You don’t want to be caught out when the clocks switch back to standard times.

When priming your home for an autumn sale, the preparations are similar to those for a December or September transaction. The only exception arises if your property is in a colder region where long shadows affect presentation or frosty autumn weather creates mould and mildew issues. In such cases, a sale in the warmer months might be more suitable.

Regardless of the season, immaculate windows are crucial when selling a property. Professional window cleaners can ensure your windows shine, enhancing the overall presentation of your home.

Whether it’s December or March, decluttering is essential for successful inspections. Start by hiding or removing knickknacks and excess furniture and applying neutral paint tones to walls and ceilings. Modernising certain features, such as the bathroom or kitchen, can add value to your home. But these are not inexpensive hacks, and you’d be best served seeking the advice of your Raine & Horne sales agent before ripping up the tiles.

Invest time in presenting your garden and lawn and be sure to rake up any fallen autumn leaves from deciduous trees to avoid deterring potential buyers. At the same time, the colourful backdrop of autumn leaves may strike a chord with some buyers looking for the perfect outdoor experience.

Additionally, ensure your garden is at its peak with autumn-blooming plants. Selecting the appropriate plants with the help of your local nursery will guarantee that your garden is at its captivating best during open for inspections.

Autumn is also great time to highlight features that might come into play as the temperatures drop, such as fireplaces. Ensure they are well-presented and cleaned to highlight a feature of your property that aligns with the colder months that are approaching. Even consider employing the services of a chimney sweep to help with presentation.

Any time is a good time to sell, and if you’re considering an autumn sale, reach out to your local Raine & Horne agent for an obligation-free appraisal.