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Why should I spring clean my property in autumn?

April 21, 2024

As the leaves trade their lively red for crunchy brown and winter starts to hint at its chilly arrival, it's the perfect time to consider swapping outdoor living for cosy indoor activities. But before starting the transition inside, it might be time to give your property what sounds slightly oxymoronic - an “autumn” spring clean.

While spring cleaning typically grabs all the attention, there are plenty of sensible reasons to give your home a little autumn TLC. With colder days ahead, ensuring your home is snug and clutter-free is important, especially if you're eyeing a potential sale.

Plus, with Raine & Horne's data showing a 25% increase in buyer numbers at open for inspections compared to January, there's no time like the present to get your property looking its best, whether you're settling in for the winter or getting ready to sell. Here’s some tips to consider:

  1. Preparing for more time indoors: As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, we tend to spend more time indoors during autumn and winter. Therefore, it becomes crucial to maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment for our well-being. To this end, the crisp, clear days of autumn offer the ideal weather for airing living spaces and tackling cleaning chores without the sweaty summer heat or winter chill.


  1. Protecting against seasonal allergies: As leaves and temperatures fall, allergens such as dust, mould, and pollen can become more common indoors, which isn’t great for those who must cope with allergies and other respiratory issues such as asthma. A comprehensive autumn clean can help eradicate these allergens, lowering respiratory risks. Plus, here's a fun fact: a study in the US[i] found that the more time you spend cleaning, the better your physical health. Who needs the gym when you can break a sweat with some autumn cleaning?


  1. Preventing mould and mildew: Autumn's damp weather conditions create ideal breeding grounds for mould and mildew that can also cause respiratory issues. By tackling areas prone to moisture buildup, such as bathrooms, cellars, and window ledges, you can prevent mould growth and maintain a dry, healthy home environment. Use a mild detergent like sugar soap and a microfibre cloth to clean mould off walls, floors, and tiles. Make sure to dry the area thoroughly after wiping mould off surfaces[ii].


  1. Protecting the value of a property and enhancing buyer appeal: Keeping your home in peak shape pays off! With some autumn cleaning, you can protect your investment and keep your property looking attractive to potential buyers. Also, how you present your home can really change how people see it online, affecting how many people come to open for inspections and how quickly it sells—and for how much!


  1. Creating a cosy atmosphere: A tidy home sets the stage for a comfy winter retreat! Fresh linens, decluttered rooms, and a sprinkle of seasonal decorations create a welcoming vibe that's not only inviting for those living in the property but also leaves a great impression on potential buyers.


  1. Setting the stage for winter projects: Cleaning and decluttering during autumn provides a fresh start for tackling indoor projects and renovations during the winter months. A decluttered home sets the stage for creativity and improvement, whether it involves updating decor, rearranging storage areas, or recoating walls.


If you're thinking about selling your home this autumn, reach out to your local Raine & Horne agent for a no-obligation appraisal and more tips on getting your home ready for a chilly weather sale.

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