Will adding a swimming pool add value to my property?

DECEMBER 18, 2018

The iconic backyard swimming pool has become a staple of the Australian landscape in recent decades with more than one million homes offering this popular home feature. For many of us, a pool represents a way of life, providing lifelong memories and childhoods filled with fun in the sun. But for parents and modern-day homeowners, does a pool contribute to a higher sale price?

The seemingly obvious answer is, yes, in the majority of cases. Who doesn’t love a Sunday afternoon spent lazing poolside or frolicking about on an assortment of flotation devices? But the actual answer may vary significantly depending on various factors including climate, property size and the demographics of buyers most likely to purchase a home in your local area.

For many house hunters, a swimming pool can be a major selling point – an entertainment source capable of providing hours of family fun in the warmer months. That said, the institution that is the backyard pool may not be for everyone. For some prospective buyers the pay-off of a pool maybe not worth the effort – and cost – of balancing PH levels and cleaning out filter boxes not only in summer but all year long.

Other house hunters may prefer more space to accommodate a backyard cricket pitch or veggie patch. In areas where property sizes are smaller such as inner city locales, buyers may covet space for a courtyard or a patch of grass over a convenient place to take a dip on a scorching summer’s day.

Whatever a buyer’s personal preference, how the dollar value a backyard pool adds to your home’s final sale price will be primarily determined by its condition and overall presentation. Just like a kitchen can make or break a sale depending on its layout and general appearance, a pool has the potential to help or hurt a seller’s bottom line.

Monitor recent sales of homes in your area with and without a pool to get a gauge on the potential value added by that hole in the ground out the back.

Alternatively, contact your local Raine & Horne agent for a free, no-obligation appraisal of your home or to discuss whether installing a swimming pool may or may not add to the value of your property.