Cold winter equals hot market

By Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne
MAY 3, 2021

Angus Raine Executive Chairman Raine & Horne is urging vendors to take advantage of this year’s winter markets to score a better price.

“Trying to pick the best time to sell is a complicated business. Yet winter is often a better time to sell in many markets around Australia because you could be competing against 15-20% fewer properties for sale – and even more, as listings are thin on the ground in many markets right now.

“Indeed, our agents from Potts Point to Pottsville are screaming for more properties to meet buyer demand, which is at FOMO levels in many markets.”

Angus adds, “With robust buyer demand, now is a fantastic time for vendors to consider selling a property.”

Markets are best in decades

Comments the Australian property market could slow down in winter are wide of the mark, asserted Angus. “Just last month, property prices across capital cities rose at their fastest rate in more than 30 years during March. Sydney prices rose 3.7%, and Melbourne prices rose 2.4%.

“The market still has plenty of grunt, and if you’re a vendor, there’s less competition from other properties and plenty of buyers. This perfect combination will make winter a great time to secure a better price.”

Angus also believes the notion that spring is the best time to sell is a fiction. “The springtime sales pitch dates to the 20th Century when more of us lived in houses with substantial gardens.

“Old myths die hard, and talk that spring is the best time to buy is not always right. In winter less listings and the same number of buyers means prices go up, up, up.”

To ensure a fast sale regardless of the season, Angus recommends presenting the property in its most suitable light. “This often means clearing away any clutter,” he recommends. “It might also help to slap on a coat of paint, with neutral colours such as a white, grey or light brown, which are the best bet for a winter sale.”

If you considering selling this winter, contact your local Raine & Horne Sales Agent today.