How can digital marketing help maintain my rental property’s cash flow?

JUNE 17, 2019

If you’re an investor with a vacant rental property you could be forgiven for thinking there is little that digital marketing can do to help you find a tenant and get your cash flow rolling again if your investment property in vacant.

However, you’d be wrong. Better still with our digital marketing platform, Amplify you can even promote your investment property to people who may not even be actively looking for their next rental home.

Amplify uses Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Ad network to target more active and passive tenants who are increasingly using social media platforms to find a rental property.

Since launching last year, Amplify has achieved average click-through rates of 13% and average reading times of 2.16 minutes per online property advertisement. These results compare brilliantly with the average real estate industry click-through rate of 0.98% and are helping to attract more eyeballs and enquiries to our investor’s properties.

Amplify isn’t a ‘one trick pony,’ it’s using artificial intelligence and machine learning to continually update our property management ads across multiple channels so that our property managers have the best opportunity to find tenants for your rental properties – and it’s a strategy that’s had an enormous impact.

Our website is ranking number one behind the portals in the suburbs and towns where Amplify is being used to promote properties. Better still, our brand and your investment properties have been exposed more than 50.7 million times online, with over 6.7 million people viewing properties on our website.

Better still, we are finding that Amplify is landing our rental properties into the social media feeds of tenants who may not yet be actively looking, to begin with. However, this digital interaction is sparking interest and is attracting more renter attention to our properties.

Also, don’t for one minute think that Amplify will only put your property in front of Millennials. The latest data from Amplify shows there has been an increase in those aged 56+. Some in this bracket might be tenants themselves, or influencers (mum and dad) of younger Australians looking for a suitable rental property.