How can I keep my investment property warm and tenants happy this winter

By Maria Milillo, Raine & Horne
MAY 1, 2018

Few things warm the hearts of landlords like a reliable tenant who pays the rent on time and takes care of your property as if it is their own. With the help of your local Raine & Horne agent, finding and keeping the perfect tenant happily ensconced in your investment property is easier than you may think. But with the colder months upon us, there are some factors landlords should consider to keep your tenants warm and avoid freezing your rental cash flow this winter.

The age, size and overall condition of your investment property will determine what repairs, if any, are needed to keep the home feeling toasty this winter. It could be as simple as installing quality curtains or blinds to improve the property’s insulation. Applying sealing strips to door frames and ceiling gaps is another cost-effective way to draft-proof the home.

If you live in a cooler winter climate investing in double glazed windows could also be worth considering. Windows have a big bearing on the overall temperature of a home. While conventional windows may allow some warmth to escape the house, double glazing provides an extra layer of insulation for trapping heat inside the home. Speak to your Raine & Horne agent today to discuss the benefits of double-glazed windows for your investment property.

Ensuring your house or apartment is well insulated, and draft-proofed could be enough to convince an existing tenant to stay or entice potential renters to choose your property ahead of the competition this winter. Reduced energy bills due to improved insulation is a bonus for existing tenants and a plus for prospective renters.

But don’t worry landlords, tenants aren’t the only big winners here. While winter-proofing your investment property could lead to a higher rental return in the short-term, it will also dramatically improve the home’s energy efficiency rating. With buyers increasingly concerned with energy-efficiency ratings, the improvements made could directly translate into a higher sale price if you decide to sell in the future. Call your Raine & Horne agent today to discuss how you can keep the cold-hard cash flowing from your rental property this winter.