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How can I secure my rental property and belongings this Easter?

March 8, 2024

With Easter hopping madly towards us like hyperactive toddlers on a sugar rush, there are plenty of ways to ensure the only uninvited guest at your place is the one with floppy ears and a fluffy tail.

With the addition of school holidays and Anzac Day, many Australians are likely to opt to take a vacation this autumn. Regrettably, this opens the door for criminals to escalate the occurrence of felonies that already appear to be increasing.

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals a notable increase in break-ins since the end of the pandemic. Approximately 2.0% of households (194,100) encountered a home invasion in 2021-22, marking a rise from the lowest recorded rate of 1.7% (171,600) in 2020-21[i]. This shift coincided with sustained periods of lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions across Australia.

Protecting your belongings is crucial for homeowners and renters, especially as Easter approaches. Criminals do not discriminate between the two. As the holidays draw near, it’s wise to consider renter’s insurance to safeguard your possessions and mitigate potential losses from burglaries and other unexpected incidents.  

Tailored for tenants, the renter’s insurance shields against financial losses from theft, weather-related harm, or accidental loss. It extends protection to fixtures within the rental property, covering unintended damage. 

Renter’s insurance covers all items within your residence, such as furniture, carpets, rugs, clothing, jewellery, toys, and tools. However, it’s important to note that items in the pantry, including your stash of Easter eggs, can’t be insured – so take them or eat them!

Furthermore, fittings and fixtures are excluded from the coverage, and your car is not included in the protection offered by renter’s insurance.

Some insurers will put claim limits on expensive items such as jewellery, art, cameras, and other pricier items. If you have possessions that fall into these categories, listing and insuring them separately on your policy might be worth listing and insuring them separately. 

Like many other insurance types, renter’s insurance policies differ among insurers. Therefore, comparing policies to identify the coverage level that aligns best with your requirements is beneficial. Moreover, premiums are influenced by factors such as the perceived value of your belongings, the location of your rented property, the type of property, and the extent of home security measures in place.

Aside from securing renter’s insurance, security-conscious tenants can take a few straightforward measures before embarking on an Easter break. 

First, be sure to tell friendly neighbours about your holiday plans so they can keep watch on your property and grab any mail from your letterbox. Additionally, ask if they could possibly put your garbage bins out on collection day and bring them back in. 

The key is to give off the impression that your rental home is still inhabited during your vacation, aiming to discourage potential burglars and guarantee a happy autumn holiday season for yourself.

For additional tips for safeguarding your rental home this Easter holiday season, contact your local Raine & Horne office today.