I want the perfect summer rental. What should I look for?

By Maria Milillo, National Manager, Property Management, Raine & Horne

Great question and believe it or not, COVID-19 is making some of our top-rated coastal real estate markets very affordable right now, which is fantastic if you’re considering the perfect summer rental.

Because our international borders are closed, there is less competition for rental properties in some regions – and the reasons are twofold. There are fewer overseas visitors, which means that properties that were formerly offered through the short-term holiday markets are now available for permanent rent. 

When choosing a rental close to the coast for summer, you could consider how far it is from the beach, and whether it has ocean or water views. 

When seeking out the perfect summer rental, air conditioning should be a consideration. If the property is not air-conditioned, it might be worth checking if it has ceiling fans.

Similarly, if you prefer coastal breezes to cool you in the warmer months, then the floor level of an apartment you’re interested in renting will make a difference. Generally higher floors will benefit from cooling draughts more so than lower-level apartments. Also, if you are relying on breezes, the rental property will need functioning fly screens to keep the mosquitos and blowflies out. 

Also, you could weigh up whether the property has a westerly or easterly aspect. If an apartment faces the west, for example, the afternoon sun will be hot, come summertime. 

Renting a house or apartment block with a pool could be very appealing for summer. However, if the rental property has a pool, the tenant is responsible for the costs of maintaining it unless you’re told otherwise. Barbecue and entertaining areas are important to tenants in the summertime. If the property doesn’t have some outdoor spaces to spread out, maybe you’d be better off looking elsewhere. 

Finally, if you’re looking at a property close to a bush setting, you will want to check on the local council’s bushfire planning.  

For more tips on choosing the perfect rental property for summer, contact your local Raine & Horne Property Manager.