Presenting your rental property to attract the right tenant

April, 2018

How can I present my rental property to attract the right tenant?

Aside from the initial choice of which investment property to purchase, picking the best possible tenant is arguably the next most crucial decision any landlord will make. You see, choosing the wrong tenant has the potential to turn the best investment property into a headache, so spend a little extra time and money to tempt the best possible applicants.

With so much at stake, in tandem with a Raine & Horne property manager, it is worth going the extra mile to highlight your property’s best attributes. A valued tenant will expect the best rental properties, so get in the game and make yours stand out. If you can afford to make improvements, a coat of paint, new carpet or flooring, and modern appliances could combine to increase your rental return, as well as the quality of the tenant you’ll attract.

Once your rental is looking its best, it is time for a photo shoot. Unless you are a whiz with a camera or smartphone, it is well worth investing in a professional photographer to snap some quality images. Your Raine & Horne property manager will be able to organise a photographer for you. Professionally taken photos that enhance your property’s best features, inside and out, are a must to attract a suitable tenant.

As your property manager will concur, other factors including location, safety, access to public transport, proximity to shops and restaurants, popular attractions and excellent schools will also appeal to quality tenants, so be sure to highlight these features in the listing. Including floorplans and engaging a professional copywriter as part of your marketing strategy is also highly recommended, and again a property manager can organise this for you. Setting a fair and accurate rent amount is another critical consideration. Avoid scaring off viable candidates with unrealistic rental demands by researching recent trends in similar properties in your local area.

And once you have found the perfect tenant by following the steps above, keep them! A tenant who pays the rent on time and treats your property like it is their own is every landlord’s dream.