What can I do if I desire a change but don't want to move to a different rental property?

By Maria Milillo

What a great question, and in many markets with low vacancies, it might be challenging to move regardless.

But this is not to say you can’t make a few simple and affordable hacks that can rejuvenate your rental home – and, better still, won’t damage the property or require the landlord’s permission.

If you’re a green thumb, maybe buy indoor plants. That said, be sure to put some protection in place so you don’t leave water stains. This might involve placing the plants on a drip tray or using a cache pot to capture the water. You can utilise a hanging basket drip pan or a decorative hanging plant tray for hanging plants. Alternatively, you can water indoor plants over the sink or tub, then leave them in there until they are done draining.

A new rug could also jazz up the interior of the rental home. Also, a runner in a hallway can change the whole feel of an entryway and is relatively inexpensive.

Consider adding a few new ornaments to spruce up your rental home without breaking the bank. Explore budget-friendly options like Kmart’s homewares section or Ikea, which offers fantastic and affordable choices to liven up your property.

You can enhance the decor by introducing a new print on the wall, though remember that any changes requiring hammering in nails will necessitate approval from your landlord. A more convenient approach could involve replacing an existing print with a new one, giving the property a fresh and revitalised look without requiring extensive modifications.

A throw rug can effortlessly give your lounge or sofa a refreshed appearance, and a similar approach can work wonders in the bathroom or bedroom. Consider updating towels, doona covers, or bedspreads to enhance the room’s ambience. Small changes like these can significantly affect the overall feel of your living space.

If you’re on a budget, consider picking up some bargains to give your home a lift on Facebook Marketplace or eBay and pick up something second-hand.