What features do I need to weigh up when choosing a rental property?

By Maria Milillo, Business Support Manager - Property Management, Raine & Horne Group
JUNE 4, 2020

This question is fascinating and depends on your individual needs and circumstances.

For example, an industry report from IbisWorld[i] says that carsharing through networks such as GoGet and Popcar is growing by 21% annually. Carsharing gives motorists access to cars and is an alternative to vehicle ownership. Members of car share networks such as GoGet pay modest membership and usage fees to access cars and vans across their city.

So, what does this mean for tenants? Put simply, if you opt for carsharing, then you won’t need to rent an apartment with a garage or car space. By using carsharing, you, therefore, can save on motoring costs, as well as weekly rent, as an apartment without parking should, in theory, be more affordable. Likewise, if you don’t drive or prefer public transport, a car space is redundant. 

That said, if you do have a vehicle, will an open-air car space be enough? Or do you prefer an apartment with a garage or underground parking to protect your pride and joy? 

Alternatively, the decision-making for a tenant could involve a selection between an apartment with a linen cupboard, against a unit with a pantry or more storage space. It might even be a choice between a bigger older style apartment in a redbrick block from the 1960s against a swankier but smaller modern apartment.

Many tenants also deem a balcony or deck as ‘must-haves’. However, the reality is they use this outdoor space relatively infrequently, particularly in colder months. Likewise, there are plenty of tenants living in high-rise apartment blocks paying for gyms and pools they rarely use. 

If you opt to rent a house with a pool, weigh up whether you are going to use it and if you can negotiate maintenance as part of the lease. Remember, you will still be cleaning the pool in the depths of winter when only polar bears are equipped to take to the icy water. 

To find a suitable rental property that meets your needs and circumstances, contact your Raine & Horne Property Manager today.  

[i] https://www.ibisworld.com/au/industry/car-sharing-providers/5063/