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What is the role of a property manager?

October 10, 2022

Unlike a term deposit or a cash account, owning a property is not a set and forget investment. Better still, an experienced property manager can help you cut through the noise this spring to ensure you get the very best returns from your investment.

A property manager provides a landlord with a broad range of services, from finding suitable tenants, optimising the rental income, and maintaining the property in its best possible condition.

Selecting a suitable tenant is vital for any property investor. A quality tenant will meet their rental payment responsibilities and treat the property like their own. 

To ensure you find the perfect match for your investment asset, an experienced property manager such as Raine & Horne will run stringent background, financial and employment checks on every applicant.

Ongoing responsibilities

A property manager's job is to inspect the property at the commencement and end of the tenancy and conduct routine inspections throughout to ensure the property is maintained in good order.

A quality property manager will be thorough when writing up the rental property inspection report when onboarding a new tenant to avoid bond disputes at the end of tenancy and costly and time-consuming trips to tribunals.

The property manager will collect the rent and chase any arrears. If the tenant is late with a rent payment, the property manager will follow up to ensure your rental income isn't unnecessarily delayed.

Retaining reliable tenants is crucial to generating the best investment yields from your property asset. Often tenants leave when landlords delay repairs or fail to address grievances sufficiently. An expert property manager will provide professional retention advice to ensure you enjoy the best occupancy rates, market rents and consistent cash flow.

Finding the next tenant

While it's improbable in the current market, if your property does fall vacant, a specialist property manager ensures it finds a tenant pronto. They'll do this by ensuring the property is visually appealing for inspections. They will examine the property ahead of open homes and help with the final touches, to ensure it presents in its very best light.

For less noise and more clarity, talk to your local Raine & Horne Property Manager today to learn how they can help you achieve low vacancy rates, market rents and optimum returns from your investment property.