Exclusive online productivity work hub is a big plus for us

MAY 11, 2021

Leading Superbrand and technology leader Raine & Horne has launched ProcessPlus, a first-to-market digital end-to-end sales workflow platform designed for salespeople, principals, assistants, and administrators. 

ProcessPlus is a ground-breaking digital and cloud-based structure that provides a complete end-to-end hub for agents. The hub provides information and tools relating to the entire sales process from prospecting through to settlement.

The hub, which will support agent’s customer for life strategies, also offers reporting, sales and marketing templates, and many hours of educational videos to assist agents in winning appraisals and listings and completing a sale.

Mr Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne, said, “ProcessPlus can be summed up in three words – ‘practical’, ‘pragmatic’ and ‘productive’ and will take our principals and their sales teams from great to greater by helping them to work smarter.

“ProcessPlus will also make our sales agents and their assistants more productive by saving them time in the office, and thus freeing them up to get to the next appraisal.”

Exclusive to Raine & Horne, the Superbrand’s Corporate team collaborated with leading sales trainer Daniel Spencer from the Activate Growth to develop ProcessPlus. Several of Raine & Horne’s leading offices in Queensland, South Australia and NSW also contributed to creating the new workflow management tool. 

Mr Raine continued, “This unique workflow management tool with its straightforward user dashboards can take any sales agent regardless of his or her experience right through the entire sales process from an appraisal to the settlement of the property.

“ProcessPlus is an industry best practice sales methodology that covers all bases from scripts and dialogues to action lists, sales letters, SMS and email templates.

“There are marketing templates including calendars, newsletters and vendor case studies and pre-built e-marketing templates, as well as agent and vendor dashboards. 

“ProcessPlus has been designed to provide salespeople, principals, sales assistants, and administrators with endless opportunities for growth, success and progress.”

Business consistency for every sale

ProcessPlus will also allow principals and their sales team to evaluate their existing processes and structures.

“Our new digital provides a time-saving end-to-end digital process for principals and their sales teams, which will help them evaluate how they can be more efficient and have better balance in day-to-day activities,” said Mr Raine.

“More significantly, by using ProcessPlus, principals can ensure their agents operate to a consistent standard of service for every single sale.”

Winning and training recruits to Raine & Horne 

ProcessPlus will prove an excellent recruiting tool for principals, according to Mr Raine.

“ProcessPlus is an outstanding tool for recruiting new salespeople and administrators and ensures a seamless induction process for every recruit.”

For principals, ProcessPlus will offer an excellent tool to enable the training of all sales staff, noted Ms Tatjana Marjanovic, Customer Experience Manager, Raine & Horne Group.

Ms Marjanovic, who worked closely with Daniel Spencer from the Activate Growth, said, “For our principals, ProcessPlus gives them a way to coach existing and new sales staff about how to complete a process whether it’s an appraisal, a sales call or settlement.

“Principals no longer need to invest in hours and days training staff as ProcessPlus provides all the coaching required to be successful.”

Key focal point for all Raine & Horne products

ProcessPlus works seamlessly with Raine & Horne’s other first to market technologies, such as its digital appraisal and listing tool, Digikit and Amplify, a powerful new technology designed exclusively for Raine & Horne.

“Not only will ProcessPlus help all our agents save time, but they have a centralised place to check on specific sales and marketing processes and how they can incorporate our products such as Digikit and Amplify into their daily sales operations,” said Ms Marjanovic.

“With ProcessPlus, sales agents now have a centralised place to find training videos, our artillery of products and other resources to complete every step in the sales process.”

Thumbs up from the Raine & Horne network

Mr Greg Westman, Property Consultant, Raine & Horne Bathurst, said, “ProcessPlus covers everything from start to finish and all facets of a sale, whether it’s prospecting, an appraisal, listing, and vendor management.

“It is a great tool to ensure consistency in the delivery of service across a sales office and is helpful for both new agents and even experienced agents that feel stuck. 

“As a digital solution and in tandem with our action plans, ProcessPlus will help make me more systematic and lift my game to another level.”

To find out more about ProcessPlus, contact Tatjana Marjanovic, Customer Experience Manager, Raine & Horne Group on 0427 938 983.