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Exclusive Raine & Horne Connect will allow busy homebuyers and tenants to take back their valuable time

February 15, 2022

In a first for Australian real estate, Superbrand Raine & Horne has launched an exclusive utility connection service Raine & Horne Connect.

 Raine & Horne Connect will assist property buyers and tenants connect their utilities such as electricity, gas, and water and arrange their internet, phone, Pay TV, cleaning, removalists and truck hire. 

 Powered by industry leader Direct Connect, the new service is exclusive to Raine & Horne, who identified the multiple benefits of providing its customers with the white-labelled connection service. Moreover, Raine & Horne Connect will be available to tenants and the thousands of owner-occupiers who buy a property through the Superbrand’s 300 plus office network across Australia. 

 In announcing Raine & Horne Connect, Mr Angus Raine, Executive Chairman Raine & Horne, said, “We are always seeking new ways to improve the customer experience. We also know that time-poor buyers and tenants don’t want to feel like they are being flick passed onto a third party.

 “Therefore, we want to provide a seamless connection service to our clients that is an efficient extension of our brand.”

 Buying a home is a fantastic experience, but it’s time-consuming, with reconnecting utilities estimated to take up to half a day on average, according to Direct Connect. Mr Raine said, “With Raine & Horne Connect, we can provide a seamless connection service that can help homebuyers and tenants take back some of their valuable time.”

 Mr Randolph Clements, Managing Director of Raine & Horne Victoria agreed that Raine & Horne Connect will improve the Superbrand’s net promoter score in Victoria. “Direct Connect is a brand that our office network in Victoria trusts and we will be supporting our sales agents and property managers to refer the service to their clients.

 “All our clients have to do is tick a box to send their request for support through to the team at Raine & Horne Connect. The new service will be a gamechanger for our tenants and homebuyers.”

 CEO of Direct Connect, Mr David Holman, said exclusive connection service would have a Direct Connect engine but with a Raine & Horne fascia. “All the communications, emails, and branding will be Raine & Horne Connect but powered by our service.

 “We’ve had a successful relationship working with Raine & Horne offices and their clients for over a decade. By providing this exclusive support, we will be able to extend our services not only to more tenants but owner-occupiers buying properties through the Group.”

 Mr Holman said Raine & Horne Connect would provide multiple new benefits to Raine & Horne agents and their customers. “For agents, Raine & Horne Connect will deliver additional referrals as more clients will feel comfortable saying yes to a Raine & Horne product. 

 “This should also help agents convert sales leads to listings as our team members will be identifying as being part of Raine & Horne. 

 “For tenants and buyers, the Raine & Horne Connect service can become a seamless part of their buying or renting transactions. A significant point of difference for Raine & Horne Connect is that buyers can book our services seamlessly through its VaultRE CRM that integrates seamlessly with Direct Connect."