Homeowners can now receive digital property appraisals within minutes


Sydney NSW (1 September 2021) With Australia on the cusp of another post-COVID property boom, Superbrand Raine & Horne has responded to the expected surge in vendors seeking a fast sale by launching its latest digital proposal platform DigiKitPlus that will send eager vendors market appraisals in minutes. 

DigiKitPlus is the next generation of the industry-first DigitKit platform, which Raine & Horne launched in 2018. Over the last three years, DigitKit has produced over 42,000 appraisal and listings proposals.

Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne, said, “With Delta forcing the Melbourne and Sydney markets to take extended winter breathers, many vendors have postponed their property plans.

“Once the state governments relax restrictions as we hit vaccination targets, we expect demand for appraisals from owner-occupiers and investors will take off again, and our agents will need to respond rapidly to vendors seeking a fast sale. 

“To meet this expected surge in property listings, we have launched DigiKitPlus, which makes it easy for our sales agents to deliver digital property appraisals to vendors 66% faster than our previous market-leading DigitKit 2.0.”

Putting vendors first

DigiKitPlus is a first-to-market digital listing platform exclusive to Raine & Horne that enables sales agents to create tailored, professional digital marketing documents seamlessly, which are sent to potential vendors, investors, and landlords with the click of a button.

“The platform provides vendors with live market information such as median prices and statistics about their local area and comparable properties which are pulled from three external sites including rh.com.au, CoreLogic and Google Maps,” said Mr Raine. 

“Better still, time-poor vendors can submit feedback that generates an instant notification to the mobile phones of our agents to ensure they can respond in a timely fashion. 

 Paperless revolution

An overwhelming majority of consumers expect to do business digitally[i], while Millennials usually embrace companies, products and services that have adopted visible sustainable practices. Mr Raine noted. 

“We were all shocked by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) this month that offered some sobering messages on the speed of global warming, and it shows that we all need to do our bit by investing in business technologies that can help address this trend.”

Mr Raine continued, “Not surprisingly, many vendors seeking a aren’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of rifling through listings folders overflowing with paper and pamphlets.

“Millennial-aged and eco-conscious homeowners and investors increasingly want all their information provided electronically, while in testing DigiKitPlus is winning vendor approval because it delivers all the relevant information about their property pronto.”

The Digikit platform is responsive on all devices – desktop, mobile and tablet making it easy for our vendors to access at anytime, anywhere, said Tatjana Marjanovic, Customer Experience Manager, Raine & Horne Group.

If you’re considering selling your property this spring, contact your local Raine & Horne office for an obligation-free digital appraisal delivered to your mobile phone or tablet in minutes. 

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