In celebration of Max Raine’s 90th birthday

NOVEMBER 2, 2021

Many of you may remember Max as the third generation Raine at the helm of Raine & Horne. Born in 1931, he has survived wars, economic crashes, pandemics, changing markets, and today it is his 90th birthday.

Max was just 18 when he began his career in real estate, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father. He was renowned for going above and beyond in the early days to get a total handle on all areas of real estate, long before training & development was an integral part of the industry.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph in 2016, Max said “I was always very interested in property back in a time when property wasn’t so interesting to other people,”

“As a little boy I was constantly around people talking about real estate.

“If my father had been a doctor and his father had been a doctor, I probably would have ended up being a doctor.

“It’s just one of those things that’s before you.”

Despite it being one of those things that’s before you, Max was a visionary in the field. When he became Chairman on the 10th of February 1973, he had the insight to diversify the Raine & Horne brand by franchising it. This decision ultimately saw Raine & Horne outlive many of who we once saw as key competitors, as the oldest family-owned agency in Australia.

Beyond his efforts as an industry leader, Max has a long history of philanthropic pursuits. Working on the Barnardos board for ten years, he was also involved with the Red Shield Appeal, Salvation Army, Anglican Retirement Villages Foundation, Trustee World Wildlife Fund and was the Chairman of the No. 10 College Restoration Appeal for Sydney Grammar School.

Alongside this notable list of career achievements, Max’s 90 years have also been marked by his 60 year marriage to Susan, raising his four kids, 14 grandkids and one great grandchild.

Wishing all the best to Max on his birthday and celebrating many years of incredible achievements; the Raine & Horne Group wouldn’t be where we are today without your drive, vision and passion.