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Island has magnetic appeal for Raine & Horne

November 6, 2023

Raine & Horne continues to expand its horizons in the Townsville region in North Queensland with the opening of Raine & Horne Magnetic Island.

The unveiling of the new office follows the successful launch of Raine & Horne Commercial Townsville and Raine & Horne Townsville, all under the energetic leadership of Steve Leaumont.

Mr Leaumont's choice to open multiple offices under the Raine & Horne brand, which is marking its 140th year of operation in 2023, is embedded in the distinctive blend of family values and corporate structure that characterises this super brand.

He explained, "What got me initially in 2017, and it still excites me, is the family values with a corporate structure behind it, which is incredibly unique to Raine & Horne."

The family-oriented corporate culture at Raine & Horne is also exemplified by Executive Chairman Angus Raine, a direct descendant of Tom Raine, the founder of Raine & Horne in 1883. Mr Leaumont highlighted the accessibility of the Raine & Horne leadership, saying, "I could pick up the phone right now and ring Angus Raine. Try going to the top at another group as seamlessly. You just feel like you are part of the family."

Raine & Horne's longevity is also a point of pride. Mr Leaumont noted, "I think any business that's been in one family for 140 years is really exciting to be involved in."

Bold expansion encompasses sales, property management, and holiday rentals

Mr Leaumont's latest endeavor on Magnetic Island includes a diverse range of services, spanning sales, property management, and holiday rentals. “Over the past six months, we have focused on Magnetic Island, and I have purchased a new apartment on the island that I now practically call home,” he said.

“The truly special lifestyle on Magnetic Island has captured my heart. In a community like this, it's crucial to have a genuine, long-term commitment. That's why I purchased the unit, and I aspire to establish a physical presence for Raine & Horne Magnetic Island with a shop front.

“We're not merely Raine & Horne Townsville agents traveling over on the ferry; we're fully invested in this unique community.”

The experienced Mr Leaumont, who originally comes from a sales and marketing background in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, also remains undaunted by the challenge of starting the holiday letting business from scratch, saying, "This is totally a Greenfield play for us.

“However, when I opened Raine & Horne Townsville it was in a very challenging market and without a single customer. And now we look after 500 rental properties and we're probably settling 20 properties a month in sales, and I expect to do the same with Raine & Horne Magnetic Island.”

Raine & Horne Magnetic Island has bolstered its team with experienced staff who possess extensive knowledge of the local real estate market.

Elevating standards and special opening offer

Regarding the motivation to enter the Magnetic Island market, Mr Leaumont explained, "It's just another avenue to expand the Raine & Horne brand. The quality of service is just not there, whether its holiday letting or sales or property management.

“We have certain standards that we will only use professional photography and videographers, for example, whereas other agents rely on iPhones."

To celebrate this new venture, Raine & Horne Magnetic Island is offering a special promotion. Mr Leaumont stated, "We're offering an opening special—free professional photography, free drone photography, and free floor plans.

“Anyone that signs up with us, whether it's property management, holiday letting, or selling a property, we'll offer all those photography and drone services for free."

When discussing the holiday market on Magnetic Island, Mr Leaumont revealed, "It ranges from a one-bedroom apartment to a 10-bedroom home." Prices for holiday accommodation vary but can triple during the Christmas holiday season.

“Better still access to Magnetic Island is quick and easy for holidaymakers, with a 25-minute ferry ride from Townsville every 30 minutes.”

The Magnetic Island residential market consists of approximately 3,000 properties, with a wide range of offerings from one or two-bedroom duplexes to luxurious waterfront mansions.

Mr Leaumont believes the market holds great potential and added, "It's a really exciting market to be involved in with apartment starting from $500,000 to stunning luxury beach home such as 136-138 Gifford Street Horseshoe Bay on the market for $1.8 million*.”

Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne said, “With a strong commitment to Magnetic Island's community, Steve and the team at Raine & Horne Magnetic Island look poised to make a significant impact on the island's real estate landscape.”

For all your sales, property management and holiday letting needs on Magnetic Island, contact Raine & Horne Magnetic Island on 0499 500 032.