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Ken Aoyama appointed as Raine & Horne’s Chief Technology Officer

June 7, 2023
  • Raine & Horne appoints Ken Aoyama as Chief Technology Officer, bringing extensive experience from Microsoft and Sydney-based startups to the leading property group.
  • Mr Aoyama's leadership in delivering cutting-edge SaaS B2B platforms will enhance Raine & Horne's technology offerings and generate significant revenue.
  • Raine & Horne has been a pioneer in real estate technology, introducing AI and social media marketing with Amplify, and revolutionising digital marketing with DigiKitPlus. Aoyama's appointment reaffirms the group’s commitment to innovation.

Raine & Horne, one of Australia's leading real estate groups and proptech innovator, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Aoyama as the company's Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

With a wealth of experience in the technology industry, Mr Aoyama is set to bring his expertise and innovative vision to further enhance Raine & Horne's technology offerings.

Mr Aoyama brings with him an impressive track record in the technology sector including roles d at renowned companies such as Microsoft, Citi, and a global SaaS vendor Cybozu valued at $1 billion, as well as various roles as product manager and Chief Product and Technology Officer with startups globally.

He has successfully led teams in delivering numerous SaaS B2B platforms across diverse domains including proptech, legaltech, regtech, no-code platforms, and collaboration. These platforms have generated substantial revenue ranging from $30 million to $150 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR), among other achievements.

During his most recent role at MyHomeVault, Mr Aoyama spearheaded a technology team that successfully developed a homeowner-centric proptech SaaS product. This innovative solution enables homeowners to store all their property information in MyHomeVault, utilising cutting-edge AI deep learning technology through a "scan home" feature.

By leveraging modern technologies and prioritising the delivery of SaaS products that offer tailored user experiences for target clients, Mr Aoyama has consistently achieved rapid development and deployment cycles.

Mr Aoyama said “I am thrilled to join the Raine & Horne team as the Chief Technology Officer, and based on my track record, I am confident in my ability to contribute my expertise in modern technology utilisation and efficient delivery of client-focused SaaS products to the growth and success of Raine & Horne.

"My experience in delivering target client-focused SaaS products at a rapid pace and leveraging modern technologies, aligns perfectly with Raine & Horne's commitment to providing unique and cutting-edge technologies."

Raine & Horne has been at the forefront of technological innovation in the real estate industry. The Australian-owned and operated firm with a rich legacy spanning 140 years, continues to thrive under the leadership of Mr Angus Raine, a fourth-generation member of the Raine family.

Raine & Horne holds the distinction of being the first property group in Australia to introduce advanced technologies such as AI and social media marketing. This achievement was made possible through a successful collaboration with CCT, driving  the development of the groundbreaking Amplify platform.

Raine & Horne is at the forefront of innovation by pioneering the use of a cutting-edge online sales and property management appraisal platform called DigiKitPlus. This revolutionary tool has transformed the way agents create customised and professional digital marketing materials, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness in serving clients.

“With an unwavering commitment to innovation and leveraging the power of technology, Raine & Horne has cemented its position as a leading force in the real estate industry, setting new standards for excellence and pushing boundaries to provide exceptional service to clients,” Mr Aoyama said.

“I believe Raine & Horne currently provides a comprehensive range of IT solutions to our agent network, combining both off-the-shelf IT products and own internally developed solutions.

“Amplify and DigiKitPlus form the foundation of Raine & Horne's current IT solutions, addressing critical gaps and providing agents and property managers with unrivaled solutions that cannot be obtained elsewhere.”

Mr Aoyama recognises that Raine & Horne cannot afford to rest on its laurels as a technology leader. He plans to take the lead in strategising and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions to further enhance the user experience of Raine and Horne's IT offerings. This includes leveraging modern technology stacks, managing IT operations on a daily basis, ensuring security measures and policies are up to date, and providing technical support.

“To expedite these efforts, I have assembled a top-tier technology team to swiftly deliver these IT offerings,” he said.

In addition to strengthening Raine and Horne's existing IT offerings, Mr Aoyama will deliver additional value to the network by leveraging next-gen AI technology.

“I'd like to identify new target segments for us to provide more fit-for purpose user experiences to widen the technology gap between us and our competitors,” noted Mr Aoyama.

Ms Mindy Powell Hodges, Head of Network, Raine & Horne, commented, "We have invested millions of dollars in our technology ecosystem, and Ken Aoyama's appointment as Chief Technology Officer reaffirms our commitment to providing our offices and their clients with unique and cutting-edge technologies.

“We are proud to own the intellectual property behind our innovative products, and Ken's expertise will help us stay ahead of the curve," concluded Ms Powell Hodges.