Local councils encouraged to support businesses by fast tracking residential planning applications

Western Australia’s peak industry body, REIWA congratulated the McGowan Government’s statement to local councils, encouraging them to band together to support local businesses and development projects, in a bid to help withstand the economic struggles that we are facing.  

Specifically, the State Government is asking local councils to use discretion in planning processes to promote and support businesses, and fast tracking the assessment of development applications.  

REIWA President Damian Collins said now is not the time for local councils to delay and put disruptions on projects, it’s a chance for them to be leaders in helping businesses and communities to thrive in this difficult time.  

“By ensuring these key developments across Western Australia are fast tracked, where possible, means businesses can be kept open, current jobs are sustained and more jobs are created,” Mr Collins said.  

“The more that we can do to support businesses to operate during these uncertain times and support our economy, means the state will be in a better financial position when we start to reopen businesses and get back on track."