New Raine & Horne principals say it was a time for change after 7994 days with a rival network

FEBRUARY 15, 2019

Global property group Raine & Horne has scored a massive coup in Queensland with the launch of Raine & Horne Brisbane West.

Award winning Brisbane agents Frank Ham, who has spent 7,994 days with a rival network and business partner Craig Bellette, are leading Raine & Horne Brisbane West, which joins the global network with a team of almost 30 sales and property management professionals.

Raine & Horne Brisbane West will provide sales and property management services to the city’s inner ring suburbs and the western corridor from Milton to Moggill. This coverage includes Toowong, Auchenflower, Indooroopilly, St Lucia, and Taringa.

Mr Ham, who has operated as a principal and in corporate roles with another network since 1997, said that: “After almost 8,000 days with a rival network, I thought a change was needed and Craig wholeheartedly agreed.

“We looked at several networks, but once we got to know some of the senior management and their products such as ‘Amplify’ and ‘Digikit,’ Raine & Horne moved to the top of the list,” said Mr Ham.

Amplify and Digikit appeals to new principals

Amplify is the pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) technology enabling Raine & Horne to promote and sell over 6,000 listings globally last year. Also launched in 2018, Digikit is a digital interactive sales and property management proposal platform, which is a first of its kind for the real estate industry in Australia. Digikit is exclusive to Raine & Horne.

Amplify especially caught the attention of Mr Ham and Mr Bellette. “Over the last few years, there have been many promises by franchisors and other third-party industry providers regarding social media,” Mr Ham said.

“With this background in mind, we looked at the tangible results from Amplify such as the high traffic levels to properties listed on the Raine & Horne website against those that haven’t used Amplify. The difference is massive and proved an essential reason for joining Raine & Horne.”

Digikit also caught Mr Ham’s eye due to its ease of use and the quality of the listing kit product. “The flexibility of Digikit for a real estate office to use within the branding bounds of a corporate environment is very exciting,” he explained.

Mr Ham is particularly impressed that Digikit was developed, and is owned, by Raine and Horne and therefore not reliant on a third party, “giving the listing kit flexibility and exclusivity”.

“We will be using Digikit, which is a first to market product, for sales and property management, in  a pre-listing and then listing kit format.”

Working with best mates at Raine & Horne

Mr Ham started his real estate career in 1993 in North Queensland, while Mr Bellette joined the industry from the financial services sector. Mr Ham encouraged Mr Bellette to switch to real estate in 2003, and the pair opened a first office in Brisbane.

The “best mates” bought their current real estate business located at 52 High Street Toowong in 2005 and are godfathers to each other’s children. Mr Ham explains the key to doing business with a close friend is, “You are best mates for a reason, and you trust each other.”

“We’ve brought this trust to our business dealings. If we don’t agree on something, then it’s a no. This approach has worked well for us.”

The firm friends agreed that joining Raine & Horne was an unambiguous “Yes.” Mr Ham explained, “We’ve had a long relationship with Raine & Horne General Manager Steve Worrad, who helped attract us to the family culture of Raine & Horne.

“Once we met Angus Raine, we were impressed with how he is personally passionate and invested in the brand.

Raine & Horne supports property management growth

The extra support Raine & Horne provides for property management businesses encouraged Mr Ham and Mr Bellette to switch camps.

Mr Worrad said, “Craig, Frank and the team have been ranked number one for property management internationally by its previous group, and the office enjoys a large share of the sales market in the suburbs it services.

“For homeowners and investors in Brisbane’s inner west, Craig and Frank bring longevity and market knowledge in droves and a property management business that is considerably larger than its nearest local competitor.

“However, you also don’t stay in business for as long as Frank and Craig have without a record for making and keeping promises.”

For all your sales and property management needs in Brisbane’s west, contact Raine & Horne Brisbane West on 07 3871 1811.