Raine & Horne alumni network plays major role in launch of new Belmont office

JANUARY 25, 2019

Australia’s fastest growing real estate Superbrand has launched its eighth office in NSW’s Hunter region with the opening this month of Raine & Horne Belmont.

Moreover, the new office will be led by the experienced local sales agent, Lisa Borstel, who will be ably supported by business partner Colin Bice, who previously led Raine & Horne Wallsend.

Sales star, Simon Rainey, who has worked within the Raine & Horne network regularly over the last 20 years is also an integral component of the Raine & Horne Belmont team. The new office will also employ a team of two property managers.

Ms Borstel who joined the real estate industry in 2003 after 15 years with Hunter finance heavyweight, Newcastle Permanent, has worked for several major real estate brands and independents in the Belmont region.

“This is my first foray into my own small business which is very exciting, and I’m delighted that I will have the support of Raine & Horne and a business veteran such as Colin, who has owned and operated eight real estate offices over the last 20 years, including Raine & Horne Wallsend.

“Colin has so much knowledge and will be providing a mentoring support role for me.”

Amplified sales success

Ms Borstel said she’s been particularly impressed with Raine & Horne’s unique and innovative digital marketing platform, Amplify and its first-to-market web-based interactive appraisal and proposal platform, Digikit.

Amplify uses Facebook, Instagram and the Google Ad network to target more active and passive buyers who are increasingly using social media platforms. “Already the platform has delivered an average of 700% more property page views on RH.com.au than traditional digital marketing platforms,” says Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne.

Since launching Amplify earlier in the year, Raine & Horne has achieved average click-through rates of 12% and average reading times of 2.16 minutes per online property advertisement.

Mr Raine adds, “These results compare brilliantly with the average real estate industry click-through rate of 0.98% and is helping to attract more eyeballs and enquiries to our owner’s properties.

“I’m delighted that Lisa can already envisage the marketing benefits that Amplify offers and I’d also like to welcome Colin and Simon back into the Raine & Horne fold.”

Ms Borstel adds, “Everything that Simon has told me about Raine & Horne and Amplify has impressed me immensely, as has the network’s broader technology support, and its marketing, recruitment and training programs.

“This level of expert support isn’t available to independent start-up offices and removes so much of the pressure often associated with starting a small business.”

Mr Raine is delighted that Ms Borstel has recognised the powerful benefits of Digikit. He explains, “Digikit is a fantastic innovation that streamlines the appraisal process and delivers eye-catching paperless documents, whether we are working with a landlord in Darwin or a Melbourne homeowner.

“The platform is winning our offices more listings and helping us attract the attention of agents such as Lisa and Colin, who are either drowning in appraisal paperwork or are losing listings due to the modest quality of their sales documents.”

Mr Bice said he and Ms Borstel considered several networks before settling on 135-year-old real estate brand. “We’ve tried multiple franchises over the years, and I’ve found that I prefer Raine & Horne.

“I was impressed with the efforts of our Raine & Horne Business Development Manager Tina Ashton, who worked hard for us and introduced us to Simon,” said Mr Bice.

“I’ve also known Angus Raine for a long time, and I reckon he’s a good bloke.”

New year outlook for Belmont

Looking ahead to 2019, Ms Borstel said Sydney downsizers will continue to drive demand for Belmont real estate. She explains. “Sydney buyers are attracted by our median three-bedroom house price of $625,000.”

“There has been a lot of apartment development that is attracting Sydney buyers seeking a sea change for retirement. Baby boomers are buying now for retirement or securing an investment property that will become part of their post-work plans in 5-10 years,” Ms Borstel says.

“Belmont is only 20 minutes to the Newcastle CBD, has plenty of schools for younger families, and is bookended by Belmont Bay and the Pacific Ocean on the other side.”

Belmont also has several shopping centres anchored by Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Bunnings. “The big supermarket chains and Bunnings only establish outlets in areas that they believe have growth prospects,” Ms Borstel offers.

For sales and property management enquiries in Belmont, and surrounding suburbs, contact Raine & Horne Belmont on 02 4945 2121 or visit the office at 558 Pacific Highway, Belmont.