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Raine & Horne amplifies market reach to 15.5 million Australians

August 3, 2018
  • Angus Raine reveals that since April 2018, 15.5 million Australians have been exposed to the 135-year-old real estate global Superbrand with Amplify
  • The social media platform has delivered almost 2 million click-throughs, which represents a stunning 12% - the industry average is less than 1%

In an electrifying address to open the 2018 Raine & Horne National Conference at the Star Gold Coast, Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne revealed that since launching Amplify, the group’s exclusive social media marketing platform of Amplify in April, three quarters of the Australian population have been exposed to the Raine & Horne brand.

“Since launching Amplify four months ago, we have used the platform to help market about 1,700 campaigns, which is a significantly small portion of our total listings,” said Mr Raine.

The Amplify software uses social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad Network and LinkedIn to promote the properties of Raine & Horne vendors.

“It’s only early days, but already those properties that have used the Amplify platform have pushed our brand to 15.5 million Australians with around 1.959 million clicking through from the ads.

“This represents a click-through rate of 12% where the industry average is less than 1%. Moreover, consumers have spent an average of almost 2.5 minutes viewing individual properties compared to the real estate industry average of 30 seconds.”

Mr Raine added that the Raine & Horne offices committing to Amplify has seen up to a 1000% increase in traffic to their websites.

He added, “The Raine & Horne website is ranking number 1 behind the portals in the suburbs and towns where Amplify is being used to promote properties. This high ranking is a fantastic result given we have only been using Amplify for a short time.

“More pleasing for me is that along with the video content enhancements to a website, and the launch of our ground-breaking digital listing tool Digikit, innovations such as Amplify are resonating with consumers and real estate agents across Australia.

“We’re the fastest growing brand in Australia for a reason, and of the more than 30 offices that have joined us over the last 12 months, it is Digikit, Amplify and our industry best website that was among the key reasons sighted for joining the group.

“There is no doubt that social media is going to rival traditional media in the future. I’m not saying the way real estate agents market property today will become obsolete. What I am saying is that [Raine & Horne] is embracing this change to ensure we continue to lead the way as a real estate Superbrand.

“I remember when people said “No one would buy bottled water. However, look what happened?”

“With products such as Amplify and Digikit, Raine & Horne is determined to remain an agent for change and at the forefront of real estate services in Australia.”


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