Raine & Horne Commercial alumni takes over in Victoria

AUGUST 30, 2019

Successful commercial sales and leasing agent and former Rio Tinto executive Andrew Clements is the new face of Raine & Horne Commercial in Victoria.

Mr Clements cut his teeth with Raine & Horne Commercial as a member of the network’s multi-award-winning commercial office in Perth led by Anthony Vulinovich and Terry Menage.

“I worked with Anthony and Terry for almost two years, which gave me an invaluable insight into how Raine & Horne Commercial operates,” Mr Clements said.

“Raine & Horne Commercial WA is also one of the global network’s highest-performing offices. To work and learn from Anthony and Terry gave me the enthusiasm to take on the business in Victoria.”

The Perth-based office consistently ranks among the network’s top five offices for commercial sales and leasing.

Before taking over at Raine & Horne Commercial Victoria, Mr Clements moved across the Nullarbor to live in Melbourne. Initially, he worked in sales and leasing with a commercial independent. Mr Clements quickly established himself as a critical player in the firm, leasing many properties in his first month.

Mr Clements decided to take over at Raine & Horne Commercial Victoria because the global Superbrand is brilliant at supporting its offices with the latest marketing, technology, and recruitment services.

“Raine & Horne delivers national strength and allows us to bring our local knowledge to the table to build strong, empowered businesses,” he said.

Owning a business is a long-time goal of Mr Clements. “It’s exciting to be taking over my first business given the exciting commercial opportunities in Melbourne. It will finally be an opportunity for me to put the finance components of my commerce degree from Edith Cowan University to good use.

“I’m also excited by the prospect of trying to create a work culture as we have at Raine & Horne Commercial WA, where people worked hard, and achievements are appreciated.”

Mr Clements is also looking forward to working with his uncle, Randolph Clements. “Randolph is one of the most respected real estate operators in Victoria, and has over 35 years with Raine & Horne,” said Mr Clements.

“Like Terry and Anthony in Perth, Randolph is a fantastic mentor to have in my corner.”

Mr Clement’s business plans include building his rent roll and launching a second office in one of Victoria’s regional centres such as Geelong. “I’d like to be heavily involved in the expansion of the Raine & Horne Commercial brand across Victoria.”

On the market front, Raine & Horne Commercial Victoria will be providing commercial sales and leasing services across the retail, office and industrial assets.

“One of the emerging trends is the demand from registered training organisations (RTOs) for leased office space,” said Mr Clements.

“Consequently, vacancy rates for Melbourne CBD office space is 3.2%, which is a ten-year low while industrial vacancies are as low as 1.7%. In comparison, retail vacancies are 13.5%.”

For all your commercial property sales and leasing enquiries in Melbourne, contact Raine & Horne Commercial Victoria on 0421 324 000.