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Raine & Horne Foundation backs communities in remote, regional and rural Australia with $100,000

September 8, 2022

The Raine & Horne Foundation has donated $100,000 to the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), a not-for-profit organisation that connects funding from government, business, and philanthropy with the genuine needs of rural and regional people and communities. 

 The Raine & Horne Foundation is Superbrand Raine & Horne’s private philanthropic organisation that launched in July 2021. The Foundation supports a range of causes, including not-for-profit Dignity, which recently named one of its supported temporary accommodation properties in Southwest Sydney, Raine & Horne Foundation House. 

Already, The Raine & Horne Foundation raised over $330,000, with $100,00 donated to Dignity, which currently provides supported temporary accommodation and longer-term stable housing for hundreds of people every night of the year.

 Mr Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne, said, “The Raine & Horne Foundation solidifies and represents 139 years of charitable giving by Raine & Horne and is dedicated to supporting Australia’s future well-being, welfare, and environment.”

 According to Mr Raine, the financial support for FRRR will aid projects in rural and regional communities nationwide.

 “Our firm has been servicing rural and regional communities since 1883. Over the last three years, the impacts of bush fires, floods, drought, and the pandemic have put significant pressure on many remote, rural, and regional community groups.

 “Through our partnership with FRRR, we want to do our bit to help these communities recover and thrive.”

 Rural and regional community support

 FRRR is a charitable foundation whose vision is for a vibrant, resilient, and revitalised remote, rural, and regional Australia. The Foundation offers and seeks grants to fund rural and regional community projects and since 2000 has delivered more than $135 million to more than 12,000 projects.

 Ms Natalie Egleton, CEO, FRRR, said that philanthropic funding is increasingly important in supporting grassroots community groups to respond to the social, economic cultural and environmental threats and opportunities facing remote, rural and regional communities.

 “The events of the last three years have placed a lot of stress on local communities, reducing their ability to fundraise locally and to find the volunteers and other resources they need to sustain their community.

 “That’s why partnerships like this one with The Raine & Horne Foundation are so important. We really appreciate this support for FRRR as it means that we can help even more local community groups to address locally prioritised needs in a way that makes sense in that particular place.

 “Whether that’s responding to a natural disaster, providing a vital service or something that can improve the wellbeing of the community, flexible donations like this mean that we can continue to partner with local groups to build stronger, more vibrant remote, rural and regional communities.”