Raine & Horne Foundation partners with Rural Aid to bolster support for farmers

January 21, 2024

The Raine & Horne Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with Rural Aid, Australia’s most trusted rural charity. 

Operating as a Bronze Partner, this alliance signals a commitment by the Raine & Horne Foundation to enhancing support for farmers and rural communities across Australia in times of need.

The partnership with Rural Aid contributes to the continuous initiatives of the Raine & Horne Foundation. Over the past two years, the Foundation has committed over $600,000 to aid various causes. These include contributions to Dignity, a charity working to end homelessness, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and assisting Care Australia and those affected by the tragic earthquake in Turkey (Türkiye) in early 2023.

Mr Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne, expressed enthusiasm for this partnership with Rural Aid, remarking, “This partnership once again underlines Raine & Horne Foundation’s commitment to creating lasting social impact. 

“Over the last two years alone, our partnerships have reinforced our dedication to supporting causes crucial for the well-being of our communities,” Mr Raine said.

“We believe this latest partnership with Rural Aid will allow the Raine & Horne Foundation to better support rural and regional communities in times of need, as well as creating long-lasting social impact in agriculture.”

Rural Aid, established in 2015, is renowned for its comprehensive support programs, which encompass financial aid, counselling, water and hay supply, and volunteer support to farmers affected by natural disasters such as drought, bushfires and floods. The charity aims to safeguard farming and rural communities before, during, and after natural disasters.

Over the past five years, Rural Aid has successfully raised and distributed $100 million, and has more than 18,000 farmers registered to receive assistance. 

John Warlters, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Aid stated, “Growing our connection through a partnership with the Raine & Horne Foundation will help sustain our prevention and preparedness activities crucial to building community resilience.”

“Future support through our partnership will enable greater efforts across the entire disaster lifecycle, which is important before, during and after trying times,” Mr Warlters said.

Rural community support is a major focus for Raine & Horne

Raine & Horne, tracing its origins to 1883, has evolved Raine & Horne Rural into one of Australia’s fastest-growing rural real estate brands, catering to diverse agricultural and rural regions across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory

Mr Raine highlighted that the collaboration with the Raine & Horne Foundation intends to strengthen Rural Aid's initiatives in providing essential aid and assistance to farmers and rural communities.

“This support aims to fortify the resilience and long-term sustainability of Australia's agricultural sector, which often faces the severe impacts of our country's challenging and extreme natural disasters, ranging from devastating cyclones and destructive floods to tragic bushfires."