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Raine & Horne Lindfield says cashed up downsizers won’t be fazed by rate rises

May 9, 2022

Superbrand Raine & Horne has launched an office in leafy Lindfield to support the massive transition of cashed-up downsizers into smaller properties in the region. 

 Raine & Horne Lindfield is led by experienced agents Tim BoyanEric Wei, and Kevin Su, their new office will focus on residential sales and property management. 

The Raine & Horne point of difference  

A ten-year real estate industry expert Mr Wei has shifted his independent business to Raine & Horne Lindfield. At the same time, Mr Boyan was a sales manager with another real estate renowned brand before launching into business ownership. Both Mr Wei and Mr Boyan have extensive community contacts that will prove invaluable to their new business.

Mr Boyan said, "I am chief executive president of the Australian Inner Mongolian Association, and Eric is the president of Australia Gan Shu General Association.

"In combination, Eric and I are leading associations with more than a thousand members in Sydney. These strong community connections create strong demand for property on the Upper Northshore.

"Apart from our enthusiasm for supporting our communities, we also discovered we share a passion for real estate.

"We then set about finding the right property group and location to launch a real estate office to serve the needs of a broad range of buyers and sellers."

Mr Boyan and Mr Wei met with Ms Tina Ashton, National Head of Growth & Network Manager, at Raine & Horne, who set about helping the trio launch their new office.

"Raine & Horne's history attracted us, along with its family values, strong image and branding and the level of corporate support it could offer, Mr Boyan said.

"We also admire Raine & Horne's impressive digital marketing leadership and especially Amplify, a first-to-market social media marketing platform which puts a property in front of more buyers and tenants than other agents can reach and the online proposal and appraisal toolbox, Digikit.”

Once Mr Boyan, Mr Wei and Mr Su settled on Raine & Horne, the next step involved choosing a location on the North Shore to establish their office. 

Mr Boyan explained, "We chose Lindfield because we are dedicated to fulfilling the demand for property of our communities and networks. We also have excellent contacts with local builders and developers.

“Most importantly, we also have strong connections with cashed up overseas buyers who also represents a large slice of the local buying markets.

"We also have strong community ties in Lindfield, Roseville, Chatswood, and Killara, and with plenty of empty nesters in the region seeking to downsize into smaller properties, we felt we could help.”

Mr Boyan continued, "We believe our point of difference is that we are the family agent of choice for our local communities. We are not just focused on helping our clients meet their real estate goals, but will can help them with other aspects of their lives.

“Throw in the backing of Raine & Horne's digital marketing leadership, and we are very confident we will make a difference in the Lindfield market."

Higher interest rates won't impact the Lindfield market 

Because of the significant capital gains many property owners in Lindfield and Killara have enjoyed over the last two years, most downsizers won't be significantly impacted by the Reserve Bank's decision to start tightening monetary policy, Mr Boyan noted. 

"Many downsizers in our region own houses worth big dollars. If they downsize into a townhouse or apartment in our area, they won't need a lender to help them finance the transition."

The median price in Lindfield is currently $3.9 million for houses and $1.13 million for apartments.

Mr Boyan continued, "Moreover, downsizers will have a tidy sum left over in the bank to fund generous retirement lifestyles.

"Likewise, upgraders in this area often have excellent high-paying jobs in financial and professional services or own very successful businesses which enable them to factor in the expenses of higher interest rates."

For all your residential sales and property management needs in Lindfield, Killara and surrounding suburbs contact Raine & Horne Lindfield on 0404 466 666.