QR Code


What is a QR Code?

At its most basic, a QR Code is a barcode on steroids. They’re used for encoding information in two-dimensional space — like in the pages of magazines, in advertisements and even on TV and Web sites. They were originally used to track auto parts, but have become popular for much broader, often commercial purposes.

How is it different than a barcode?

Whereas a barcode encodes data in only the horizontal plane, QR codes encode data in a grid of tiny squares. This allows for much more data to be encoded in a smaller space.

QR codes are only bound to become more common in the coming months and years. We’re increasingly reliant on our mobile devices, and typing out URLs or other data on their tiny keyboards is still not very efficient.

How do I scan and read them?

There are a number of apps in the iPhone App Store that can read QR Codes, including the free i-nigma Reader. Most Android phones and BlackBerries are able to read the codes right out of the box, as can newer Nokia handsets. Windows Mobile users can download QuickMarks. All you need to do is launch the appropriate app, and point your phone’s camera at the QR code you want to scan.

How does Raine & Horne North East use QR codes?

Raine & Horne North East are excited about the possibilities that QR codes present to our marketing.

Buyers and property hunters can now simply scan the QR code on our signboards to get more details and more photos of the property sent straight to their SmartPhone.

It’s another way that Raine & Horne North East leads innovation in real estate marketing.