Buying A Property

Buying a home is all about research, doing good comparisons, common sense, a little hard work and ultimately the ability to negotiate well. The better the research, that you have done, the more knowledge you will accumulate, the better position you will be in when it comes to negotiating.

When you do finally get to the negotiating table, that knowledge will translate into confidence, confidence that will give you power. When you understand what a property is worth to you, you can feel good about walking away because you have done your homework.

Buyers travelling to Adelaide to buy are often disadvantaged. Their lack of knowledge of the market place often results into them paying too much for a property or eventually throwing their hands up in despair as they continue to come second to other more experienced buyers.

Here is our tip for you: If you are busy or are trying to buy a property from a distance, think of appointing a “buyers agent” to act for you.

The price is negotiable and the rules are simple. You agree to pay the agent a very small percentage to research the market, find a home that suits the criteria you have, inspect them for you and finally negotiate the sale at the best price. Experienced buyers agents consistently negotiate better and often pay for their fees many times over.

Using a buyers agent, you have an agent who acts for you and you alone. The agent selling the property still gets their commission so any home is available to you even if it is going to auction.

Even with all the options available to you on the internet, many people still have a travel agent organise a trip with a complicated itinerary.

If you’re time poor or just too far away, a buyers agent may well be the answer for you.