Onsite Sales


I have received very useful marketing & procedural advice from Raine & Horne Onsite. It is very comforting to know that I can make a quick call or send a short email, and my request is promptly actioned.  A benefit of being affiliated with Raine & Horne Onsite is the availability of information in a rapidly changing external environment.  I would recommend Raine & Horne Onsite as it has a very professional attitude and very prompt problem solving regime.  I will remain with Raine & Horne Onsite because of very satisfying experiences as a customer and agent.

Chris Laing, Vivid New Farm

August 2016



I find the Raine & Horne Onsite Sales branding beneficial in that it provides a professional impression for potential buyers. I also like that the agency is set up specifically to work with onsite managers.

Some of the benefits of the Raine & Horne Onsite services are that you understand the unique nature of our business. You don’t push or set targets. Your commission rates are fair. You give sound advice when requested.    I have been recommending you to other managers for these reasons.

Sandra Hadfield, Bentley Park 

August 2016


The money I have spent with Raine and Horne has been very well spent. Guy has been such a great support to me in my first role as property manager. It's the one company that I pay fees to that I feel I can really benefit from. I can see there is such a lot more for me to learn and I am comfortable doing so because of the support and non intimidating approach that Guy and yourself give.

I have only really used the advertising feature, but can see that there is so much more and I am looking forward to having a look when I'm established.

The benefits are that you obviously know your stuff and  are willing to pass it on.

Yes I would recommend Raine and Horne!

Thank you because you really have taken the pressure off the advertising part of my job and enabled me to focus on the rest of my responsibilities.

Kind Regards,

Jacqueline, Inlet at Redland Bay

August 2016




Before I joined Raine & Horne onsite sales and rentals I was wondering how I was going to rent and hold on to my rent roll as well as trying to expand by business.

I benefited greatly been able to use their extensive database and advertising websites with the added knowledge you have the support from experienced staff and the use of a great brand in "Raine & Horne".

They keep me up to date with changing legislation and updated forms required within the industry and they also educate you with free seminars.

They have given me the confidence to purchase an "off the plan management rights" as an add on and soon with there help I may even start looking at sales so to keep my rent roll.

Advertising properties is probably there easiest and best feature because how easy and effective it is.

I have already recommended Raine & Horne onsite sales and rentals  and will continue to do so.

Special thanks to Kelly, Guy & Mark.

Joe Esposito, The Hub On Beams

August 2016



I have been selling for the last 5 years as an onsite manager with other groups.

The R&H systems (in particular the checklists) and the procedures behind them make the job much easier than it ever was before. Yes, even I can do it!

Further, I like the fact that I’m part of a branded real estate agency. It just adds that credibility and allows me to puff my chest out a bit further.

Your concept supports onsite managers very nicely in their quest to retain a letting pool and may well become the industry standard. And finally and yet most importantly I appreciate the support we get from you whenever we need it.

Jim Edwards, Calamvale Crescent I & II



I was one of the first to join Raine & Horne Onsite Sales as the concept is very beneficial for a Resident Manager.

Being associated with a highly recognisable national real estate brand helps enormously when you have to compete with other real estate brands for your vendor’s business.

Raine & Horne Onsite Sales provides me with access to excellent training, mentoring and understanding from a highly professional team. I recommend it.

Barry Stephensen, Jackson Rise


“As someone new in the Management Rights industry we realised before we bought our complex that we needed to be able to market the units for my owners if we were to protect our business.  After asking a few people in the industry I was advised to talk with Mark Fluhart and it was not long before my wife and I realised that what Mark and Bryan offered with Raine & Horne Onsite Sales provided us with all the upto date tools and great support we were looking for.    I have found the tools provided are excellent for selling and also advertising units for rent.    The monthly meetings are informative and the online training available through Raine & Horne has been a great way to assist me in my business.  
With the aid of Mark & Bryan I know I am not alone. They have only been a phone call away to provide assistance to ensure successful outcomes have been achieved.   Thanks guys.”

Donald Suter
Meadowbrook Place




During the seven years of being an On Site Resident Manager my greatest fear has always been the letting pool becoming eroded by both sales of units to owner occupiers and outside rental agencies taking over my letting pool one by one.
The issue with outside rental agencies is quite easily fixed… give the owner of the unit outstanding service and support plus excellent returns on his investment as the On Site Resident Manager… bye bye outside agent!
The constant poaching of units being sold particularly to owner occupiers was another issue altogether.
That is when I decided….fight fire with fire and went back and extended my Restricted Letting License to include a Sales License as well.
Initially I signed up under another company who convinced me that their corporate banner would enhance my fledgling sales side of my business.  It just didn’t happen!  How unusual!  Then I was put in touch with the ‘lads’, Bryan and Mark at Raine & Horne Onsite Sales.
Several things made me change over to the Raine & Horne Onsite Sales team.

  1. Being part of a recognisable brand (that was number one)
  2. The systems, checks and balances the team at R&H have in place are fantastic
  3. The Support that both Bryan and Mark have given me is exceptional
  4. The level of professionalism being part of the R&H branding is definitely a bonus
  5. The access to online training is excellent
  6. The level of enquiry I have achieved for the owner is amazing
  7. Therefore I have a very happy owner

Thanks to Bryan and Mark and their team for all their help.

Sally Scott
Spring Hill Central Apartments





I   joined with Raine & Horne Onsite Sales after the Brisbane launch in February 2008.  Prior to joining I was unsure as to the benefits it would offer me, but nevertheless joined because I thought it was a brilliant concept!

I have not been disappointed. Initially with the support of Mark & Bryan I made good use of the resources that are available to other Real Estate agents in the day to day running of my business. I found that listing and editing rental properties was more efficient and much more effective, I was able to better screen certain tenancy applications and my real estate knowledge was increased.

Subsequent skills training and the ability to market myself in association with a large and reputable sales competitor have put me in a position where I now have become respected as a trusted sales agent by my clients. Not only do I project a professional image that easily matches, if not exceeding, other real estate agencies but I have ready access to resources that promote my business and give me a distinct advantage. The sales results achieved reinforce this.

Barry Wilson, Forest Lake Approach & Forest Lake Manors




We have been connected with Raine & Horne Onsite Sales for the past eight months.  Being a part of this team has given us more property related services, better resources and a great exposure for managing and marketing properties as sales agents within our complex.

Like all of you we were looking for ways to improve our service to our clients and have more involvement with sales in our complex.

Mark & Bryan being “Onsite Managers” themselves experienced the same problems and had the initiative to search for an answer, they achieved outstanding acceptance and support from “Raine & Horne” a National Company.


When we decided to join  the team , Mark scheduled himself to come to our office for 3 days to fully explain their programme , their  programme   gave us the freedom to do our  own listings , rental and sales on “RH Compass”  which automatically  , distributes the listing to “realestate.com,  domain,  rentfind, plus 5 other sites.  Plus we can access “Realworks live” for all up-to date REIQ Forms.


Although Marty has a full real estate Licence we opted for the subcontractor which gives us 50% commission and takes all the worries out of dealing with the legalities of the contracts.


Bryan and Kelly very efficiently run the office and handle all the contracts and questions, they know the sales side of the industry very well, giving full support.


We fully recommend this opportunity to you, Mark, Bryan and Kelly will be fully committed to you, their knowledge, support and resources  is outstanding ,  for the fees they charge.

Martin & Gai Driscoll, Hatlowe Heights