Steve Worrad

Growth Manager, Raine & Horne QLD

After a successful sales career, Steve established his own real estate agencies in Sydney and later in the NSW northern rivers region. Following a move to a corporate role with a major franchise group, he was responsible for a dramatic growth in new business, both in offices and salespeople. Over that period the network increased dramatically, resulting in a major improvement in market share and revenue.

Following this success, Steve accepted further responsibility and subsequently became General Manager for a national franchise network where he introduced a number of new initiates which resulted in a dramatic improvement in the network's profile and overall profit.

Since joining Raine & Horne in 2013, Steve has brought a wealth of experience to the Raine & Horne network where he continues to not only grow the business, but work with the existing corporate team and network to ensure that the business becomes more profitable through growth in sales volumes and rentals, retention of staff and introduction of proven systems.