Travis Wentriro

Network Manager NSW/ACT

Growing up in rural South Australia, Travis Wentriro has spent his career across the real estate and recruitment sectors. With skills developed from these experiences, he is focused on helping grow and develop our existing and prospective business owners. Travis maintains that one of the most significant rewards of his role is getting a 'front-row seat' while helping good people grow an asset for themselves, their teams and their families.

His current role sees him supporting a number of our regional & rural offices across NSW. Travis combines his knowledge with the fast-paced, target-driven environment and has a great understanding of what's required to thrive in the everchanging real estate landscape. He is committed to supporting our offices and guiding them to establish the right systems, culture and relationships.

Over the years, Travis has helped many businesses develop strategic business blueprints to form the foundations for a strong and successful future.