How important is the streetscape to the value of my home?

DECEMBER 28, 2018

Strong neighbourhood relations and an attractive streetscape have the potential to improve the value of a property and slash the time it takes to sell a home considerably, according to Raine & Horne.

We all know the importance of presenting a property in its best light to potential sellers. However, a subtler element is how your street presents to potential buyers. The ‘streetscape’ is the first impression for potential buyers, even before they walk through the front gate.

The streetscape refers to the way houses, footpaths, gardens and landscaping along the length of a street, present collectively. It is the visual identity of a neighbourhood, and it plays an integral part in facilitating the interaction between residents and creating a community. It also contributes to building the value of the properties located on a street or road.

It’s difficult for individual owners to influence the joint streetscape. However, the value of an attractive street, where all the gardens are well-tended, can have an impact on the saleability of a property. Your best bet for addressing issues that may impact your streetscape is to try and create a sense of community among your neighbours before problems arise.

With Christmas fast approaching, for example, street parties are a great way to develop neighbourly bonds. In some neighbourhoods, people also plant vegetable gardens in nature strips. It is about building a community, so the neighbourhood feels part of a greater good.