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Tenant Repair Request

 Urgent Repairs

  • Urgent repairs are repairs deemed urgent that may cause further damage or injury to a person or property.

  • A full list of what is deemed as urgent repair is listed in the lease agreement.

  • The standard repair process applies where possible. Verbal requests will be taken for urgent repairs only.

  • For repairs during business hours tenants are asked to contact our office. For urgent repairs outside of business hours tenants can contact tradespeople direct.

  • Tenants are asked to first contact our preferred tradespeople to conduct any urgent repair.

  • Should our tradesperson be unable to conduct the repair, tenants are permitted to contact any other tradesperson that is able to facilitate the repair.

  • Invoices are to be provided for all works or tradespeople or tenants will not be paid or reimbursed.

  • Invoices are to list our agency name and details of the property and work undertaken.

  • Should a tenant organise a repair and it is found not to be urgent, they will be responsible for payment of any invoice.

  • All urgent repairs are attended to as a matter priority.


Non-Urgent Repairs

  • All repair requests are to be submitted to our office in writing (expect in the instance of an emergency repair) either hand written or email.

  • No repairs will be actioned if repairs are submitted verbally.

  • Our office will facilitate all repairs requests and will contact the relevant tradespeople to conduct quotes or repairs as the situation dictates.

  • Our repair policy requires landlord approval prior to any repair being approved.

  • Tenants have the option to be home to provide access to the tradesperson or alternatively have them collect keys from our office.

  • Tenants will always be notified when to expect works to take place.

  • Any repair deemed to be caused as a result of neglect or misuse will be the responsibility of the tenant to pay for any repair or replacement.

  • Landlords are responsible for anything deemed fair wear and tear.

  • All repairs will be dealt with in a timely manner.