Real Brand

Raine & Horne is a brand you can trust.

Research on public perception indicates that Raine & Horne is rated as one of Australia’s highest profile real estate companies, with extremely high recall among buyers and sellers. In fact, the company is recognised as one of Australia’s ‘Superbrands’.

The brand’s distinctive yellow, black and grey colours are instantly recognisable and translate effectively onto high profile signage. As well as its distinctive colours, the company’s famous “We’ll look after you” campaign, which dates back to the 1980s, has been successful in identifying Raine & Horne as an Australian family business.

To maintain brand consistency, Raine & Horne offices follow branding guidelines that reinforce the company’s professionalism and credibility. Extensive marketing material such as stationery, collateral and distinctive merchandise is available. Raine & Horne also has brand coverage of residential, commercial, rural, project marketing, auction services and financial services.

Put simply, people are more likely to contact a company they know and have a connection with, rather than an agent they barely recognise. This is the Raine & Horne marketing advantage.