Real Services

Raine & Horne has a suite of services designed to help franchise offices become more successful:

  • Raine & Horne Auction Services
  • Raine & Horne Financial Services
  • Raine & Horne Superannuation
  • Raine & Horne Automotive
  • Raine & Horne Paycard
  • Raine & Horne Connect

  • Auction Services

    Raine & Horne offices benefit from industry-leading auctioneers. Our auctioneers provide the highest standard of auction advice and specialist services.


  • Raine & Horne Financial Services

    Raine & Horne Financial Services is a brilliant tool designed to create a separate income for our offices. Financial Services provides an upfront and trailing commission from all referred finance customers. Not only does Financial Services help build an asset base, it assists when listing property.


  • Raine & Horne Superannuation

    We’ll look after you… and your employees.
    Raine & Horne Superannuation solution is an extremely attractive superannuation option offered to Raine & Horne staff. Benefits include:
    • Salary continuance/income protection (benefit paid to age 65 years) up to $8000 per month
    • Automatic cover for life insurance, total & permanent disability (TPD) & income protection employee education
    • Personal insurances with no medical required (must be ‘at work’ at time of application and working >15hrs per week)
    • Total & permanent disablement up to $750,000
    • Insurance cover for casuals (>15 hours per week)
    • Members covered while overseas or on unpaid leave (with conditions)
    • Added spouse account facility
    • Dedicated client service team
    • Life/death up to $750,000


  • Raine & Horne Automotive

    Raine & Horne Automotive can find the perfect car at the best price from a range of dealerships, including 28 of the world’s best car brands. Each Raine & Horne office enjoys priority service, reduced parts and labour costs, discounted loan cars, fuel benefits and a free window tint.


  • Raine & Horne Paycard

    Property management is simple with Raine & Horne's Paycard. Our system is the most secure and convenient way to manage rental payments. It also dramatically reduces costs and time spent banking, reconciliation, administration, tenant management and reporting. At Raine & Horne, we look after you all the way.