Ending your tenancy

Ending a Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement

If you are leaving at the end of your current fixed-term lease, Raine&Horne Rockingham Beach require at least 30 days notice in writing via email.

Once we receive your notice of intention to vacate, your Property Manager at Raine&Horne Rockingham Beach will contact you to confirm and explain the process moving forward. You will be advised in writing of any rent owing up until your vacate date and any other outstanding invoices associated with your tenancy. Your Property Manager will also discuss suitable times to access to the property in order for Raine&Horne Rockingham Beach to secure a new tenant.

Ending a Non-Fixed Agreement (Periodic)

If you are leaving at the end of your current Non-fixed-term tenancy agreement, Raine&Horne Rockingham Beach require at least 14 days notice in writing via email or post or alternatively through the vacate form on our website. Please note that this amount of notice needs to commence when we have received your notice, not when it was posted.

The Final Inspection

Only once the property has been fully vacated, cleaned and grounds made ready with keys returned can we commence our final inspection. It is important to note that if a final inspection time has been made and you are aware that you will not be fully ready for the inspection, please call Raine&Horne Rockingham Beach on 95509900 as soon as possible to rearrange another time.

You are welcome to be present during the final inspection or simply to return ALL of the keys (plus any copies you made during the tenancy) to Raine&Horne Rockingham Beach by close of business on the vacate date.

Getting Your Bond Back

At the end of your tenancy, you will no doubt want your bond refunded quickly after you vacate. For your full bond to be paid quickly, you will need to ensure the following:

  1. Rent - any outstanding rent is paid promptly.
  2. Property Ready - the property is clean and grounds returned to their ingoing condition at the start of the tenancy. Please follow the final vacating guide for further details. The property must also pass the final inspection conducted by this agency. Your Raine&Horne Rockingham Beach Property Manager will be able to put you in contact with our reliable cleaners.
  3. Outstanding Accounts - please ensure that any monies outstanding like water, any damages, compensation amounts and break lease fees are paid.
  4. Keys - ensure that all keys, remote controls etc have been returned. Follow the cleaning checklist below to maximise your bond refund.



  • Vacuum and clean all sliding door and window tracks
  • Sweep or mop all non carpeted floors, removing any marks
  • If pets have been kept at the property arrange for carpets to be professionally cleaned and supply paid invoice to the office.
  • If pets have been kept at the property, fumigate for fleas – by a registerd Pest Company. Supply paid invoice copy which specifies service details.
  • Clean light fittings – gently remove light fittings and clean
  • Clean marks off walls, ceilings and light switches
  • Clean skirting boards, windows including frames, sills and tracks, above cupboards, picture rails, architraves and both sides of all doors, all other fittings, and insect/security screens etc
  • Clean curtains and blinds. Refer to Agent for method advice
  • Remove all cobwebs and insect marks and nests


  • Clean inside and outside of all cupboards and doors
  • Clean inside, outside and around stove
  • Clean inside and outside of oven, griller, doors, trays, racks, glass
  • Clean inside, outside and behind refrigerator and dishwasher and microwave space
  • Clean sink, especially drain holes, drainers and tapware
  • Range hood exhaust and filter- filter can be removed and cleaned


  • Clean all walls, floors, mirrors and windows and window tracks
  • Clean toilet, bath, shower recess, remove soap residue on tiles and shower screens, clean sink, tapware, towel rails
  • Clean water outlet in shower and bath of hair and soap build-up
  • Clean vanity taps, sink, doors, benchtops and shelves
  • Clean exhaust fans/ heat lamps replace globes (if applicable).
  • Clean window sills, tracks and windows of any condensation or dust buildup.


  • Clean behind and around washing machine space
  • Clean equipment and filters if applicable
  • Clean inside, outside and around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers, tapware
  • Clean all walls and floors, ceiling.
  • Clean sliding doors, windows tracks and blinds.


  • Clean all air conditioner units and filters


  • Sweep and mop, clean railings, glass and light fittings
  • Remove all cobwebs etc.


  • Sweep out and remove any oil residue from concrete, pavers, paths, driveways.
  • Empty Council bins and place bins out on footpath for next collection
  • Close and lock the garage door, if applicable


  • Mow the lawn, trim all edges, weed gardens, general garden tidy, remove all rubbish
  • Return pool to the condition as per condition report at the start of the tenancy and supply Pool Test report to the Agent – Report is to be completed at the end of the tenancy date.