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Shoalhaven Heads 2535

There is plenty to love about Shoalhaven Heads. This charming coastal suburb is located in the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales. Situated on the southern bank of the Shoalhaven River, it is surrounded by lush bushland and stunning beaches, making it a popular holiday destination.

The population of Shoalhaven Heads is around 3,000 people, and the town has a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. It is a short 10-minute drive to Berry and 20 minutes from Nowra.

The area is home to a range of amenities, including local shopping, cafes, restaurants, and wineries. Shoalhaven Heads is home to Bangalay Dining, a multi-award winning regional restaurant and recognised gourmet dining destination with its unique offering of on-site, luxury accommodation.

One of the main attractions of Shoalhaven Heads is its beautiful beach, which stretches for around 7 km and is perfect for swimming, surfing, and fishing. The beach is patrolled during the summer months, ensuring the safety of swimmers and surfers. The area also has a range of other outdoor activities, including hiking and bushwalking in the nearby national parks, cycling, and golfing.

For those interested in history and culture, Shoalhaven Heads has a rich Indigenous heritage, with many cultural sites and landmarks in the area. The Shoalhaven Heads Heritage Park is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the area's history, with a range of exhibits and displays showcasing the local heritage.

Shoalhaven Heads is a picturesque and peaceful suburb that offers a range of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Its beautiful natural surroundings and friendly community make it a great place to live or visit, and it is certainly worth exploring if you are in the Shoalhaven region.


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