After 15 years with another franchise group, Des Besanko was in the process of combining his current team with a new acquisition, when he set about looking to align his operation with a company and brand that had the right business support, and more importantly culture fit for the
newly enlarged business.

“I had found other brands appeared too interested in their own growth paths, that they had forgotten their customers... us, the franchisees.”

With 90 people and 3,700 residential properties under management across 8 offices, it was important that with their size (one of the largest privately owned rent roll businesses in Queensland), they were still perceived as the local and boutique specialists in the area.

“It was important that we found a recognised national and international group for our valued clients to feel comfortable...Having a dynamic CRM system to help with sales, and a specific department within Property Management to help guide, provide and educate our team, gave us comfort in knowing that we are able to continue our professional development... it was important for the team to have a specific marketing department, giving access to quick production, ideas and marketing collateral