Our Awards & Industry Recognition

We are honoured to have been awarded the following at the Raine & Horne State Awards Night


Chairmans Club - Sales 2023
Frank Barker
George Kolovos

15 Years of Service 

3rd Top Country Office – Sales Dollar Value 

7th Top Salesperson – Sales Dollar Value: Frank Barker

8th Top Office – Sales Dollar Value 

8th Top Office - Number of Sales


Chairman's Club -  Sales 2022
Frank Barker

Best New Talent – Property Management: Aliyah Rhodes     

#1 Top Country Office – Sales Dollar Value

1st Top Salesperson – Highest Transaction - Matthew Anstee

1st Top Salesperson – Sales Dollar Value - Frank Barker

5th Top Principal – Sales Dollar Value - Matthew Anstee

4th Top Office – Sales Dollar Value - Southern Highlands