Selling your property

Before your property is officially put on the market there are several matters you muct cover. There are legal requirements to be satisfied, a marketing plan to arrange that will attract people to your property, and you  must prepare your property for sale. 

Agency agreements

When you engage a realestate agent to sell your property, you muct sign a contract called an agency agreement. This is a legally binding contract authorising an agent to act on your behalf in relation to the sale of your property.

The contract of sale

Before a residential property can be sold a contract of sale must be prepared. The contract muct include all documentation relating to the property as required by the law in each State or Territory. Your agent will explain the required documentation for your property. 

Reaching buyers

Marketing plays a vital role in achieving a successful sale. A carefully planned, well achieving a successful sale. A carefully planned, well executed marketing plan will bring the best result. Your agent will recommend a marketing campaign that is suitable for your property. The program will set out a promotional period, various media to be used and campaing costs. The agent is responsible for carrying out the campaign.