Sunbury Schools

Below is a list of schools in the Sunbury area, and where available, and short introduction about each school.

If you would like your school added to this list, or if we have missed any out, please contact us.

Sunbury Primary School
Sunbury Primary School has a strong family theme and presents a range of opportunities for involvement and engagement of parents.

Learning is valued and supported by all and the school strives to be seen as a community of learners.

Partnerships with parents are highly valued with parental participation in school programs, Parents Association, School Council, project committees, community building and fund raising.

A broad curriculum is provided to all students that reflects the school’s vision and values, and is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Sunbury Primary students enjoy the benefits of our close relationship with the other Sunbury and Diggers Rest schools, Victoria University School of Education and our professional associations.

Transition programs operate across the school. The school provides a large number of additional activities designed to achieve our vision and fulfil our values by enhancing cultural pursuits, sporting activities, leisure activities, environmental awareness, citizenship, decision making abilities, community involvement and general welfare.

Classes are structured to obtain optimum educational outcomes. The heritage-listed bluestone buildings provide a quality-learning environment, and a unique blend of history while providing modern facilities.

Sunbury Primary School
The Heights
Sunbury VIC 3429
Phone: (03) 9744 9744
Fax: (03) 9744 9799
Email: [email protected]

Sunbury West Primary School
Our school encourages parent involvement in a wide range of forums.  School Council and its active sub committees, camps, excursions and classroom helpers are popular forms of participation, as is fundraising through involvement with the Friends of Sunbury West group.  We like to think that there is something for everyone at our school.  For the families that are unable to participate in the school community, we will continue to strive to provide a positive educational opportunity for your children equally.

Our children enjoy a comprehensive curriculum with excellent classroom teaching and specialised teaching programs in Physical Education, Music, Art and Indonesian.  Technology is evident and available for all children’s use and our staff strive to develop positive relationships with all children.

Sunbury West Primary School
Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury 3429
Phone: (03) 9740 8666
Fax: (03) 9744 7776
Email: [email protected]

Sunbury Heights Primary School
Charter Road East
Sunbury VIC, 3429
Victoria, Australia.
Phone: (03) 9744 3377

Killara Primary School
At Killara Primary School we recognise the extraordinary responsibility and privilege it is to educate our students. All students deserve the right to the best possible education and to achieve their highest potential every day.

  • We always aim to demonstrate a high standard of professional and ethical practice by displaying qualities such as dedication, enthusiasm, honesty and respect

  • We consistently design and deliver innovative and inclusive curriculum that supports the needs, abilities, strengths and talents of each individual child

  • We support and encourage each child’s emotional, physical, social and cognitive/academic needs, taking into consideration each child’s interests, talents, abilities and aspirations and hold personal contact and connection with every child as an every-day aspiration

  • Our school community (teachers, students and parents) creates a safe, engaging, stimulating, challenging and positive learning environment that promotes learning as an ongoing exploration of our world in an interesting way that encourages risk taking

  • We constantly strive to adopt best practice by keeping informed of initiatives, educational theory, research and learning and teaching strategies, and by always adopting reflective practices utilising student learning data and multiple forms of feedback. We are committed to establishing a professional learning community that models life-long learning

  • The Killara Primary School community works together as a team to ensure the needs of all students are addressed and that our school is held in esteem with our community and beyond

Killara Primary School
61 Phillip Drive SUNBURY AUSTRALIA 3429
Phone: (03) 9744 6432
Fax: (03) 9744 4956
Email: [email protected]

Kismet Primary School
Our school community strives to provide a positive,  stimulating and secure learning environment where we cater for the needs of each student as an individual. We do this by creating a caring atmosphere that reinforces mutual respect, promotes self-esteem and develops a sense of belonging to our school. We value teamwork, effective communication, informed decision making and community involvement. We promote professional learning and networking for our staff to ensure delivery of excellent and consistent educational programs through exemplary professional practices.

Specialist programs are provided in Physical Education, Art and Music. The school has experienced staff which includes the Principal, Assistant principal, 3 Leading Teachers, 15 Expert teachers, 1 accomplished teacher and 5 graduates teachers. Three teachers are employed on a part time basis. In addition to this, there are 4 teaching support staff and 9 teacher aides.

Kismet Park has a strong focus on developing a positive educational partnership within the school and with the community. The school also actively networks with other local primary & secondary schools. The school is well supported by an effective School Council and a very active Parents & Teachers Association.

Kismet Park Primary School
McEwen Drive
PO Box 220
Sunbury, VIC. 3429
Phone: (03) 9744 4566
[email protected]

St Anne’s Primary School
St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School is located in a semi-rural setting, that has wide open spaces, views of the distant mountain range and yet is only a half hour drive from Melbourne. The school caters for primary age children from Sunbury, Diggers Rest and the surrounding farming areas. The school consists of four blocks of buildings;

  • Juniors Building (Prep, Grade 1/2)

  • Middle Building (Grade 3/4)

  • Senior Building (Grade 5/6)

  • Administration Building

In addition to classrooms these blocks have administration areas, specialist areas that include music, Japanese, physical education and library.

The school has computers in each classroom, a computer lab and by the end of 2010 each room will have an interactive whiteboard.

The playground area at the school includes a football oval, basketball court, downball courts, and large expanses of grass areas. There is also a large adventure playground that is sheltered from the sun, sand pit and covered play areas.

St Anne’s Primary School
16 Stewarts Lane
Sunbury 3429           
Phone: (03) 9744 3055
Fax: (03)9744 7692    
Email: [email protected]

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School
53 Macedon St
Sunbury VIC 3429(
Phone: 03) 9740 7344

Goonawarra Primary School
Our caring and dedicated teaching staff have planned a stimulating and purposeful curriculum program based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and all of our students have participated in our “Positive Start to School” programme which introduces and reinforces the values outlined in our school’s strategic plan. 

These values include: cooperation, doing your best, honesty, learning, persistence, respect and safety.  We also reinforce the importance of regular attendance at school, getting along with one another, being organised and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

We have excellent facilities and expansive grounds and we are constantly working to improve the learning environment for our students.  Over the vacation period, shade cloth was installed over the P-2 playground, further painting was completed inside our main building, and carpet has been replaced in our P-2 classrooms and the office area.  Construction work has also commenced on our new library and 6 classrooms and we eagerly await completion later this year.  All of these works ensure that our students and staff have a safe, attractive and comfortable environment in which to learn and work.

Goonawarra Primary School
Gullane Dr, Sunbury VIC 3429
Phone: (03) 9744 7137‎

Sunbury College
Website not Sunbury College, with a student population in excess of 1100, services the growing township of Sunbury, 35km north-west of Melbourne and its environs. Established in 1960, the college offers all students a learning experience of which the community and students as individuals can be proud.

Students are well prepared for the challenges of a rich and engaging curriculum and thrive on the co-curricular opportunities provided by our sport, leadership and performing arts programs. Expectations for our students are high. A wide and innovative educational perspective encouages students to discover and purse how their individual interests can be fulfilled and equips them with the breadth of outlook and essential learning skills they will need to successfully shape their futures in a rapidly changing global community.

The college has a distinctive uniform policy, a strong code of conduct and clear expections that all students display cooperation, trust, tolerance and repect for self and others. In this postive environment, students develop strong constructive relationships with staff and each other to produce a sense of belonging and self confidence which is reflected in their high standard of work.

Sunbury students graduate as responsible and resillient young adults, having made life long friends and ready to succeed in a world beyond school.

Sunbury College
30 Racecourse Road
Sunbury, VIC 3429
Phone: (03) 9744 1066
Fax: (03) 9744 7695

Email: [email protected]

Sunbury Downs College
Our mission
Sunbury Downs College aims to provide the learning environment and teaching and learning experiences that promote the academic success and personal growth of our students.

Our Vision
Sunbury Downs College will continue to be a caring and welcoming community that fosters and celebrates success. The college will have in place throughout the school a diverse range of programs that promote the individual pursuit of excellence in a collaborative learning environment drawing on a supportive relationship among students, staff, parents and the local community.

Our Values
The values underpinning the work and relationships of our college community are:

  • Personal achievement - Everyone is encouraged to strive for individual excellence and achievement

  • Respect - Everyone is treated with trust, respect for their worth and acceptance of individual differences

  •  Cooperation - Collaboration and teamwork among all members of the college community are intrinsic to effective outcomes for both staff and students

  • Security - A safe and secure learning and working environment for all

  • Inclusiveness - Our teaching and learning activities recognise and appreciate the diversity of learning styles, capabilities, and interests of all members of our college community

  • Participation - Everyone is encouraged to contribute to college programs and decision-making

Sunbury Downs College
Mitchells Lane, Sunbury

Phone (03) 9744 7366
Fax: (03) 9744 1604

Salesian College, Rupertswood
Salesian College, Rupertswood is a Catholic coeducational college located in Sunbury, Victoria. As a Catholic learning community, we provide a secondary education for approximately 1,000 students in Years 7 to 12 - small enough to retain a strong sense of community and individual relationships, but large enough to offer a broad range of subjects within the curriculum.

The college is set in the magnificent and historically significant grounds of the Rupertswood estate, allowing our students to enjoy many educational and sporting resources within this beautiful and peaceful context. The curriculum offers a balanced and challenging study of all Key Learning Areas in Years 7 to 9 and the opportunity for students to study a wide range of courses and pathways in Years 10 to 12. We aim to engender in all of our students a passion for life-long learning and a deep understanding of the importance of education in their lives.

Salesian College, Rupertswood
1 Macedon Street
Sunbury 3429 Victoria Australia
Telephone: 03 9744 0000
Fax: 03 9744 6182
Email: [email protected]