Fees, charges and inclusions

Here at Raine & Horne Townsville we offer nothing but the best when it comes to property management. We build individual relationships with our owners and tenants to achieve the best results. For further information please call or email [email protected]

Raine & Horne Townsville provides a low and affordable flat fee structure that is more than competitive.

Fee type

Our fee

Management fee


Lease negotiation/renewal fee

Nil charge

Maintenance fee

Nil charge

Periodic inspection fee

Nil charge

End of financial year statement fee

Nil charge



$165 - Premier Realestate.com.au, R&H Website, Social media

$198 - Premier Realestate.com.au, Domain, R&H Website, Social media $198

$297 - Premier Realestate.com.au, Domain, R&H Website, Social media, Amplify rental package 

Title search

At cost ($22.95)

Mediation/Tribunal fee

$55.00 per hour (Minimum 4 hours)

Smoke detector

At cost ($99)

Letting commission

1.5 weeks rent if not tenanted.
No charge if currently tenanted.

As you can see we are an open book when it comes to costings for property Management.

Our operating systems are first class, we offer vender portals so you can log into our system from anywhere in the world and see exactly what’s going on with your properties, whether its payments, repairs or just general information.


As a home owner you can expect the following

  • Indepth process of tenancy applications
  • Access to pre approved tenant data base
  • Preparation of lease agreements
  • Preparation of Entry, routine and exit reports
  • Low letting fees
  • Access to a tenant hub with instant access to all reports and details.
  • Processing all bond payments to be held by the RTA
  • Rent collection
  • Fortnightly or Monthly disbursements and statements
  • Market analysis on rent reviews.

We pride ourselves on low management fees and high quality service.

Changing your property management to Raine & Horne Townsville is easy and causes no issues for your current tenant. If you would like to discuss our current management fees and how simple it is to bring your property over to Raine & Horne Townsville please call us today.