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Pricing your home right


Of course, when you go to sell your home you want the best price possible. There are many “YES” real estate agents out there that will simply agree to your “wish” price. Hiring that “YES” agent will only end up costing you valuable time, money and stress.


Be seen in search results

Your home shines and attracts the most buyers in its the first few days on the market. Over pricing a home will result in many potential buyers missing out on ever seeing your home for sale in their search results. Targeting the right buyer for your home by setting the right price will be one of the most critical marketing strategies used in the sale process.

A listing that has remained on the market for a long period of time will be detrimental to its sale. Buyers will question “What is wrong with it?” if your house has been sitting idle for a long period of time.


Choosing the Right Agent

Getting your house sold for the right price is all about choosing the right Real estate agent. You should always do your homework.  To provide you with an estimated selling price the agent should take into consideration the following variables:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Presentation
  • Recent Sales
  • Similar properties for Sale
  • Market Conditions


An industry expert/experienced real estate agent will provide you with detailed information to back up their price. This agent will also give you a snapshot of your market, providing details about local school’s shops and transport and the type of buyer that will be looking at your home. If the agent does not have documentation to support their sales price range then you should be asking questions. A price without substantiating information is the first step to an uncertain sales experience.


Agent tools

 An agent part of a larger organisation may be able to provide you with a lot more marketing tools than other agents. A larger real estate agency will have access to a bigger database of buyers and also other marketing tool that will put your home in front of more buyers this may be via social media or their website.


Check Agent Results

 You need to be honest with an agent during the selling process so make sure you feel comfortable with them. Research the agency’s results and look for testimonials from other buyers in your area.

By following the above tips and selecting the right agent you should see a great result for your property.